Thursday, August 13, 2009

With friends like Chris Davis who needs $250 bucks?

I. Love. Chris. Davis.

Ok, so I had just walked into David's shop and he was telling me about the repairs he did to Abe's car. He said that the other shop had agreed to replace this one part which they were responsible for but that they wanted David to get it second hand from a salvage yard.

Turns out the salvage yard didn't have this rare piece and so David was going to have to get it from the dealership for a whopping two-hundred and fifty bucks. He said that the other shop was probably going to be peeved about it but that he thought they'd still pay for it.

And just then my phone rang...

David: It's ok, go ahead and get that...
Me: Oh! It's Chris Davis!
David: Oh, I love Chris...
*answers phone*
Me: Hel...
Chris: HEY GIRL! Just calling to tell you that I saw your blog about Spring Valley Muffler, and I called up there and left them a message and said 'I just want you guys to know that I will NEVER be bringing my car to you because I saw how you guys operate on Destiny's blog and you will NEVER get any of my business!'
Me: ......Hey David, go ahead and add that part into my quote, thanks.


CHRIS DAVIS IS THE BEST FRIEND A GIRL COULD HAVE! Even my normally...uh....frugal husband laughed when I told him this, and then said 'Chris Davis is Awesome!'

I second that, Abe, I do.

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  1. Chris Davis is quite a woman. Of all of the candidates running in this past election, she was by far the most qualified, and would have made an oustanding councilWOMAN. She was by far a much better choice over 20 year veteran and Slagel puppet John Murphy.

    In regard to this past election, I found the Richardson Coalition's comments about her in their "voters guide" appalling and disgusting. The coalition was he*lbent on getting Gary Slagel re-elected and back in the mayor's seat, and stooped to lies and deception to do it. It was negative campaigning at best. I can only hope that she will run again.