Thursday, September 3, 2009

C&P Drinking Game (Long Overdue)

Every time Barb says the word 'Carpetbagger,' take a shot.

Every time Bill McCalpin chastises someone for posting anonymously, take a shot.

Every time you read the word 'Chuckles,' 'Slagovich' or 'Car Allowance' take a shot.

And every time I write the word 'disclaimer' just go ahead and do a keg stand.

Perhaps then we'll all be able to know what we know about this town and still sleep at night...or pass out, rather.


  1. Amir is a no good carpetbagger - how could anyone vote for someone who has lived in the city less that a year. OK, cheers.

  2. Disclaimer: Barb can get a little feisty on here. Bottoms up!

  3. Why should anyone be shocked that ethics-challenged Gary Slagel would make a hefty political contribution to now disgraced and impeached IL governor Rod Blagojevich. You know the old saying, "birds of a feather...".

    Down with Slago-jevich. Dest - pass me the shot glass...

  4. Why Slagovich did not also approve a very special car allowance for his very special buddy Chuckles is a total mystery! He is such a very special fellow.

    ok, tried my best but was unable to get #4 in the line, just couldn’t get the word “disclaimer” to fit.

    But, like tax dollars, if $3 out of $4 are spent wisely, that is prrobably considered a very good thing.

    signed, 3 shots and I'm out.