Wednesday, September 23, 2009

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Contributed by Tom Pauken

Sun, Nov 19, 2006, 01:07 AM
Elna Christopher called me to say that she is not using the phony name of Ed Cognoski to post comments on this site
and references on his or her separate site. Both Christopher and Cognoski share virtually identical views on a wide range
of views ranging from their social liberal positions on many issues to their strong opposition to any reform of the appraisal
system in Texas that would allow voter approval when local governments substantially increase spending through higher
property taxes. Cognoski refuses to say who he or she actually is although he (or she) is quick to find fault with the Dallas
Blog when it doesn't take the prevalent point of view on social issues that is in the mainstream media or when we post
articles the mainstream media tends to ignore. Of course, Cognoski could end the confusion as to who she (or he) really
is by simply using her or his real name. But, that individual refuses to do that. Perhaps, Ms. Christopher has an evil twin.
In any event, since Ms. Christopher (whose salary is paid by the taxpayers in her job as a media flack for the Texas
Association of Counties and who is a fierce opponent of the Governor's appraisal reform initiative) says she is not Ed
Cognoski, I have to take her at her word., the Dallas, Texas news blog and Dallas, Texas information source for the DFW Metroplex.


  1. Truly titilating. The illusive Ed has captivated the imagination and consumed the attention of city nay-sayers. Now that the Austin connection has denied the charges, perhaps the obituaries should be searched for likely suspects.

  2. She denied it back in 2006. I guess people just refuse to believe her at this point...

  3. Maybe we could invite both of them to a party?

  4. I've already tried. Not to 'out' him or her, but because I was genuinely interested in meeting 'Ed,' and (s)he declined....something about margaritas.