Tuesday, September 8, 2009

I signed it...


  1. There is a more pressing issue underlying this whole thing, Destiny: at this rate, exactly how big is this kid's COLLEGE backpack going to be?

  2. Shut up! That thing carries a skateboard too!

  3. Abrahm said you need to start your own blog and call it 'The Unorthodox Jew.'

    I second that.

  4. I've already got my band re-named for the Jewish High Holidays. Usually we're "The Messianic Blues Band." From now through Yom Kippur, we're "Rosh HaShana-na."

  5. Do y'all do a cover of "Shalom on the Range?"

  6. Abrahm - good one, man! Hadn't thought of that one. Maybe, "Someone's Kvethcing In The Kitchen With Dinah."

  7. Seriously, Destiny, I think you should post this, from the Washington Examiner, re when George H.W. Bush addressed school kids a long time ago. Afterwards, his administration ended up anwering Democrat questions on captial about it...

  8. Good link Tom. It mostly comes down to politics and the political leanings of the person in deciding whether the speechs were right or wrong for most. There are also a some who stand on principle and view both instances as right or wrong.
    The part that really set me off was the reported question of "what can I/you do to help the President".

  9. My Democratic kid can beat up your Republican kid.


  10. I'd be careful with that. Some Republican kids pack heat. :)

    (How does it go again? "Babies, Guns, and Jesus, hot d*mn....")

  11. Yeah, I forgot about concealed carry, and with that backpack, he might be packing a .50

    Seriously, you had better get that boy in check, and quick. He seems a little too much of a free thinker to be a hard core, bible thumping, republican kid.

    It maybe too late though, he may be waning to the dark side, desiring to listen to Obama and all the brainwashing that comes with that sort of thing. I mean the only good reason for a good Republican kid to do something like that is to heckle and protest in class, but he didn’t, did he??? NOooooooo!.

    The nerve of someone asking how they can help the President… The answer is easy, get those elementary kids into the voting booths, there’s lots of other voting fraud going on for the election officials to catch all the pre-pubescent line crashers!

    Okay, so maybe it’s time to get our kids together and start a young guns political gang. My 10 YO is good at hustling money and knows no strangers, he can talk with the best of them including Steve, Barry, and Chris. They will learn fast. We can start by seeding them to gather a new R.C., to take control of the city council from all the old farts. Then it’s on to Washington to clean up that city. . Remember, it’s only a few voting cycles until they are legal, we’ve got to start now!


  12. FYI, I like your blog.

    Let me introduce myself:

    I’m a boy named Sue
    I’m sure someone, somewhere calls me El Guapomole’
    I’m a recovering biker in disguise… as a biker
    Loved by some, hated by my clownfish (the one that got sucked into the impeller)
    I have a Natty Light appetite on a lager budget
    I’m surrounded by craziness, seriously, check it!
    IN CONTROL OF CHAOS, as best I can be, sometimes, maybe
    I am the block captain of nobody, well except for that one family, or two, oh, and the one that just won’t leave me alone
    I have a luxury suite at the Dublin Speedway
    My neighborhood has two mascots; shopping carts and pitbulls
    And, I get all my political motivation from Radio Free Aardvark (even though I’m on the broadcast fringe)

    I know, I know, your thinking, I’m a catch, but I must break the news to you, I am far too old for you (my wife said)… So sad ;(

    D~ = Dave
    PS: “D Streets” Rule!

  13. Nice to meet ya Dave!

    (btw, I have a girl named Eddie and I know one day we're probably going to get into a bar fight)

    So are you really a Democrat?

  14. Sorry so late in replying, I had to make popcorn for the 7pm showing.

    IMHO, not enough bar fights in Richardson, have to go to Ohio for that. And with the Natties, it takes too long to get into a drunken rage to fight the random chick at Main St Bar, normally. On the other hand, my wife will do the "Ohio dance" at the drop of a stick, and she doesn't even drink. You'll like each other, ask her sister (the one with the black eye).

    Did like the true blue heckler senator during tonight's speech. LIAR! Takes big brass ones for that! I am an equal opportunity hater at that level. AWESOME!

    Anyway, I like your style, let's get those lousy old farts off the council ASAP :)

    I say, tear down the apartments instead of the trees in the nature preserve.

    "Got to look out for #1 and don't step in #2"

    D~ & LDM