Thursday, September 3, 2009

John Murphy's a Baby

Or at least this is what I imagine he looked like as one....

Here's Bobby T....
Baby KefflerAnd lil' Chuck E....If you find some others, send them to me and I'll post them as well!


  1. I think that picture of Chuck Eisemann as a baby is a good one, except maybe the skin on his face needs to be stretched a little tighter - sort of like how his face looks today thanks to the help of plastic surgery.

  2. Never a boring moment here! Again, way, way too cute!

  3. Hilarious. Absolutely freaking hilarious.

  4. I was at the RHS Homecoming Parade. EVERYONE commented as how old (maybe one exception) and FAT (maybe 2 exceptions) our city council is. we need some fresh faces and ideas on council. I heard a few muffled boo's at Gary-boy. I was tempted to yell "you lie" at him but thought it has been overdone.