Tuesday, September 29, 2009

No Way....


  1. Okay, I'm for health insurance reform and even I know that's going way way way too far. I watched about half of that video and I was cringing so badly that I had to shut it off. *shudder*

  2. Is there something inherently unbelievable about "Hear our cry, O God"?

    Anyone listen to this on decent headphones like I did? Anyone without an axe to grind, who isn't throwing red meat, or living in fear of an impending Antichrist bogeyman living behind your closet door?

    Let me be clear: I think religious folk are deluded, but I don't think the people in the vid are any more street rat insane than your garden variety church folk praying to their own invisible friend in the sky. Or babbling in tongues, holding faith healings, praying to statues of sainted humans, handling snakes, cutting bits off the genitals of infants, killing each other in God's name, drinking out of unsanitary springs, wearing protective amulets of St. Christopher, avoiding healthcare for their kids, avoiding blood transfusions, getting stigmata, seeing Mary/Jesus/whomever in toast/papaya/cheerios/grapenuts, believing the earth is 6000 yrs old, giving money to televangelists, shunning their own gay kids, mocking polytheists when their own god is tripartite, not understanding or even known their own theology, knocking on my freaking door trying to sell me Jesus as if he were some kind of MLM/Amway scheme, sending missionaries to countries that have been in existence since before their religion was made up of whole cloth, making pilgrimages to see someone's head, finger, or scalp. Sorry. Got a bit carried away. But you get my point.

  3. I can't imagine anybody even wanting to talk to you.

  4. Ha, thanks anonymous @ 8:37. Has anyone ever told you you write a lot like Bloggermouse? Hmm... (Just a guess)

    Either way, this has less to do with them blaspheming my God (I got over stuff like that a while ago) and more to do with these Obamanators being complete idiots. They practically handed this one to us on a silver platter. And your outlandish run on sentence, while I did find it amusing (really. I did), showed that what they are saying cannot be directly addressed, you must avoid it and address those 'crazy Christians' instead, because there just is no justification for praying TO BARACK OBAMA. none.

    My 'friend' Bethany articulated exactly (back during the Obama lesson plan fiasco) what I'm feeling now:

    "While I doubt seriously indoctrination was the intent, those who are still convinced he's some loony African Muslim Hitler Socialist Boogeyman were rewarded with wording that sounded like it. So oy. Fail. Way to check and see if that was a puddle of water or a puddle of gasoline you were standing in before throwing the lit match on the ground.

  5. I don't believe Obama would condone people praying to him, if he knew it were happening. I'm sure he thinks of himself as just a guy trying to do a very hard job, not some sort of wish granting deity (yea I know, I left it wide open there for stimulus jokes). However, there are folks out there who have latched onto him like he's the second coming, and they are... well, they're deluded.

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