Friday, September 18, 2009

Satisfaction Survey...this'll only take a few minutes of your time ma'am.

So now that Ed has moved on (at least I think) I've done a lot of thinking about this blog. C&P was meant to balance out the crazy liberal slant he put on stuff, even though sometimes we still seemed to agree on things, and now that he's gone I feel like the fat kid on the end of an empty seesaw.

I've been thinking about my content for a while now. Everyone can agree that I'm hilariously funny, intelligent and clever, but everyone can probably also agree that this blog has blown for the past few weeks. Hey I'm conceited, not blind. And I think what has been happening is I've chosen quantity over quality. I figured that none of y'all probably really care about this city, you're all just using me to help you get through your day within the confines of a bland, boring cubicle. (ok, that was a joke....I think, hopefully you do all care about this city!) Anyway, I've put some pressure on myself to try and post something everyday even when there is nothing to post....kinda like the DMN. The difference is Jeff and Ian get paid to bore you, I do not. So I'm sure my stuff sucks even worse.

That being said I'll take a vote. Do you guys want me to post whenever something significant happens or comes to my attention, or should I just keep going with stuff like this? Your call.


  1. My vote goes for how you have been doing things up until now. So what if every item you post is not "earth shattering", or about curious and some times insane events taking place at city hall or the council. You are entertaning with your take on things and bring to light points I likely never would have considered. Just me though.

  2. Is Ed really not going to blog any more? Dang it.

    Well there is still that other blog that disguises itself as a news site. Thee are always inane allegations there which need to be refuted. Of course that blog isn't so much left or right wing as it is 'voices from the nuthouse' wing.

    J.F. Sebastian

  3. If you have it all! We think you are great.

  4. I could do without the YouTube videos. I'd like to read more about the corruption in Richardson. Whatever happened to the golf course investigation? They had an audit, but it was an in-house audit. Surely there couldn't be anything wrong with that!

    Good work on the car thing with the city mgr, but there's gotta be more conflicts of interest.

    Keep up the good work.

    Rex 101

  5. Wait. This is about Richardson?! jk. Don't change anything.

  6. People are being abducted by the Coalition! (Wait! I know what you're thinking... Just because you haven't seen a Coalition cross-burning doesn't they don't happen. Have you ever seen a million dollars? Doesn't mean it doesn't exist).

    Based on personal experience, I know everyone of these abductions could have been prevented if only people would wear my time-tested "Thought Screen Helmet" invention.

    How do I know? Well, several years ago I personally fabricated one of these helmets and presented it to a woman as a gift at her retirement party from the City of Richardson and as far as I know she has not been abducted by any Coalition members. (And believe me, this space cadet of a woman is a prime candidate for a Coalition abduction). Proof positive of the effectiveness of these helmets!

    Recently a woman living with her two children on a back street in the Reservation neighborhood claimed to have been abducted. Coincidently, her story matched the stories of abductions neighboring far West side residents began telling while eagerly waving and making faces at the camera during the "live 10:00pm newscast".

    The woman who lives in the Reservation, who understandably wishes to remain anonymous, now sleeps with the helmet on every night and sometimes even wears it during the day. When asked about the helmet's effectiveness she says, "Well, I ain't got took up by no aliens since I started wearing this here helmet".

    Item Description:

    The "Thought Screen Helmet" blocks telepathic communication between Coalition members and voters. Coalition members cannot immobilize people wearing the "Thought Screen Helmet" nor can they control their minds or communicate with them using their telepathy. When the Coalition can't communicate or control voters, they are not taken into their membership.

    The "Thought Screen Helmet" has effectively stopped several Coalition members from abducting or controlling voters. Thus far, only two failures have been reported since 1998.

    Adults and children all over Richardson are wearing the "Thought Screen Helmet" to stop Coalition abductions. Many who had once been abducted and who are now religiously wearing their 'Thought Screen Helmet' haven't reported an abduction since 1999.

    If owning a "Thought-Screen Helmet" interests you then we strongly encourage you to contact us and place an order for several because chances are great your kind of friends will want one too.

    We will soon be listing these on eBay. You may purchase as many as you like. "The sky's the limit!"

  7. The golf course investigation is still out there, and has been since October of 2008. The City Manager has done an excellent job of refusing to audit the Corporation operating the
    Golf Course ("We chose not to" do an audit. "The Golf Fund undergoes an audit every year." Except that audit only covers green fee amounts & the ten per cent of what the Operating Contractor tells the City is its share of all the revenue brought in that was ceded away to the Contract Operator. Did anybody notice the City's "Financial Commparisons" Golf Report showed no comparison of remuneration costs for operation between Sherrill Park and the City's handpicked comparison corses or other similar Municipal Golf Courses? How did that happen? Because the City determined the scope of the Report.
    Did anyone also notice that not once during David Morgan's entire 1 hour and fity minute recitations of how great Sherrill was doing, there was no mention of the $100,000 dollars of expense needed to redo the greens whose dismal conditions have plagued Course Number 1 for the last few years? One City employee commented we could do that (fix the greens) with a Certificate of Obligation. (More Debt!!!) So why not use the money earned by the City owned driving range--Oh, Forgot!!! The City doesn't get ANY of the more than $150,000 generated by the Sherrill Park driving range -- that's all given to the Contract Operator.

    Yes, the golf course issue is still with us, but the City is still refusing to be open and transparent with the citizens who own the Course.


  8. NotherRichardsonResident, I have seen your stuff in the DMNblog and like it. You need to get your own blog too. You make sense!

  9. Destiny, honey, don't change a thing - you're just a darling. Do continue reporting about the Richardson Coalition, Gary Slagel, and Chuck Eisemann. These people are evil, awful people, and truly an embarassment to this city. Most of my friends, particularly the ones who were deceived by the coalition "voter's guide", are furious about the corruption at city hall involving Bill Keffler and Gary Slagel - and Chuck Eisemann and his coalition trying to cover it up.

    Please keep exposing it. The current council isn't going to do anything. 5 of the 6 councilmen seem to just be Gary Slagel's puppets, particularly Bob Macy, Mark Solomon, and carpetbagger Amir Omar. I suspect that Chuck Eisemann pulls their strings as well.

    You and Amir Omar seem to be close friends, but, honey, he isn't going to ask the hard questions. He knows that he can't - as much as he tells people that he will. He owes too much to Gary Slagel, Chuck Eisemann and their Richardson Coalition for his razer thin victory? Is it true that he made his ex-wives where a burqa? Oh, my.

  10. Ha! Not that I know of. As far as I know, neither were even Muslim.

  11. Keep doing what you're doing.

    Slowly, Richardson residents are waking up to the corruption going on in their great city. Yes, there are still a lot of people with their heads in the sand. But - one by one - people are beginning to realize the depth of the slime.

    Wake up, Richardson! WAKE UP!