Friday, September 4, 2009

We're Off To The Armpit Of Texas!

See y'all Tuesday!


  1. "My mom had a good phrase. She said the first night she pulled into Dallas, it was raining, that it was lightning. And they're coming into Dallas and she said if there was ever a hell on earth, its Dallas County. She's right. She's right."
    Randall Dale Adams

  2. Randall, maybe you should try another county if you think Dallas is so bad!

  3. We've been here since about 1959, love it here. It kind of grows on you. Lived in Denver and other place as well. But like it here the best of all. That's just me though. Never thought of it hell on earth, although it can get quite warm.
    Randall, how long ago was that you all came to Dallas?


    Sorry I forgot how to hyperlink in comments.

  5. Whoever thinks Houston is the armpit of Texas is an idiot. You must be mixing it up with Port Arthur or something. Next shall we say NYC is the armpit of New York because it has a large industrial area? Oh no!