Monday, September 21, 2009

You All Voted For Nonsense So Hold On To Your Hats!

(btw, I'm aware ONE person voted against nonsense....probably Rex. Oh well R, blame it on Democracy)

Sorry it's been so long since I've posted. I promise I'm not pulling an Ed. It's just that our toilets are broken, well, not broken, but when you go to flush you have to hold the handle down for, like, the hole span of the flush and it's really been eating up a lot of my free time lately.

Well, that, and because I'm also a professional mall cookie cake maker these days. Proof, you say?

Last year I spent $30 on one from the mall that said 'U R Old' and it sucked. This year I spent $3 on one from my kitchen, and it'll probably sucks way better!

Anyway, I won't be at the meeting tonight because I will be hand delivering this masterpiece to mi papa. Whoops, wrong D-Day. Here, this fella. Although, I must say, I like the first guys site better. Take note Mace! It doesn't get more patriotic than that!

Ok, so anyway, I won't be there tonight, but some things to watch for:

1.) Amir NOT stuffing his face like Takeru Kobayashi as soon as sun down hits.

2.) The flagrant use of laser pointers.

And 3.) hopefully, somebody asking Keffler about his 5 year contract, because I think all of us would appreciate a bit of clarification on this matter. I know I've said it before, but we will throw a parade for whoever asks first.


  1. Don't muslims burst into flame if they eat pork products?

  2. Ms. Dez: I am glad you've decided to stay on the “Mirth Track” regarding the madness of life and politics. Your efforts are always mixed with some very good stuff. And, as I said to you before, “Who needs another ‘blah, blah’ blog?”

    On another topic, as a former television news investigative reporter, it was a fairly easy task to uncover the identity of the woman who writes the local blog, behind the pseudonym whose initials are "E.C." What fun this is (was?) for her, I am sure. I certainly am not going to be the kill-joy who wrecks it for her. Who wants to be the person at the kids’ party who tells the kids who the clown really is?

    Besides, on a more serious note, and a worst-case scenario, you remember the chain of events some of us experienced after our part in the embarrassing and revealing confrontations and ensuing debacle, thwarting of the efforts to re-seat of one of the institutional “hench-knobs” back onto an important regional body. From that re-positioning of power, great personal and business benefits would have been reaped by a chosen few. That rather public drubbing-down for them was followed, for my wife and I, by having the windows of her SUV smashed-out (police report on record). That event was the same week the lug nuts on your car were loosened, and, if I remember correctly, one of your wheels came off as you drove. That occurred shortly after another of our ilk, who was getting “too close”, had their home broken into and ransacked, yet with nothing of value taken. So who knows what repercussions I would reap for revealing E.C.’s identity!

    Anyway, I have a strict policy of not reading, engaging in debate with, or information-gathering from little-minded “ ‘fraidy cats” who hiss pseudo in-the-know witticisms from atop their sanctimonious Towers of Anonymity, just out of ear-shot of a real discussion. Having said that, I am confused about her status: is she no longer writing as "E.C.?"

  3. So am I correct in assuming you think it's Elna Christopher?

  4. Sounds of silence is deafining. Could it be the boss removed Cognoski's manhole cover and exposed the bloody slime trail of abusing access to public resources for personal gratification?

  5. Oh, let's not "out" her identity. She had a good run, and maybe she'll be back. We need that kind of back-fill, you know?

  6. I dunno, I think I would recognize this woman:

    Plus "Ed" claims to be in the private sector. Not really sure why he would lie about that. Plus I just really don't think it's a chick....I dunno, I just don't get that vibe.

  7. Oh, let's not lament the Cognoski "death" too much--her/his SOURCES already have other supporters manning the bastions of the Castle. But PLEASE--NO HOT OIL thrown from the walls. My cholesterol is way to high already.
    Casperia 13