Monday, October 19, 2009

Amir and I are in a fight....

(and it might very well be because I'm stupid)

He said that Michelle Thames said you could watch the work session live tonight by clicking on some 'live' button that my Mac has chosen to filter out, where as I'm saying is telling me "due to encoding time needed of the live Monday night council meeting, the Video On Demand feature will be available 24 hours after the meeting."

Who's right?

Was anybody able to watch the work session tonight? Or better yet, did anybody else get a totally new pair of sweet looking glasses you were so looking forward to debuting in public and you even flat ironed out the horrible mistake of a 'dear lord what were you thinking' perm, but then your husband got stuck in traffic and so you totally missed the meeting tonight?


  1. Football is better on TV. Council meetings are better Live.Seems backwards I know. Do you really not have any TVs Destiny?

  2. We have one in the back for news and weather-with a converter box. *Yes, we're THOSE people*

  3. Noting wrong with only having an antenna and a converter box. I've been antenna only for years.

    I was packing last night, so I couldn't make the meeting, and didn't want to make the effort to watch it live. I know people have watched it live before because EdsOp has commented on stuff during the meeting without actually being in the room.

    Maybe you can't stream on a Mac. That's possible.

  4. I've watched in on here before, like the first two I missed. I'm telling you, it's not available now until 24hrs. later...

  5. I've heard that the Oct 26 City Council meeting was available (either on TV or live, I dunno).

    I can't swear to it. I was there. But I will check the COR site to see if they have it streaming.

    Good work by the City Council by voting down zoning case 09-09 which would have opened up most of Richardson to Self-Storage operations. (Changing current zoning to Industrial ONLY to "all except Residential" for a new definition of Self Storage operation).

    Well, good work by all except the Hon. Bob Macy. He didn't get the point... but, some things never change.

  6. I watch it every week. It's available live. Within 24 hours it's processed and segmented so that the viewer can pick and view the video matching specific agenda items.