Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Chris Davis is Ashamed Of Me

It's no big secret that I can't take criticism, and that I only pretend to handle constructive criticism at that. But this morning I awoke to an anonymous comment on my personal blog that really got under my skin.

I had recently written a post for 'Alexandria' regarding equality and right to life issues and I will admit it was sprinkled with some crass humor and language. Being the hyper-prude I am, I was was not entirely comfortable with what I wrote myself and actually waited about a week before I even posted in on Pour Me Another Suburban.

So you can imagine my dismay when 24 hours later the anonymous one word back lash kicks in. I'm almost positive it was someone from here, who made the unfortunate mistake of following my other blog, hoping that it had some level of decorum which is so often lacking on C&P. *tsk, tsk* Anonymous you should have known better.

All this to say, whenever I get a negative comments on anything I write -from Anonymous, my first thought is always "Chris Davis is ashamed of me!" My mother and grandparents are usually next on my mental list of culprits, but for some reason Chris is always first. I guess that is a good sign, one that shows how much I respect her opinion of me, but still....if you're going to call my work names please at least give me yours so that Chris/My Mother/Grandparents don't always have to take the wrap for your condescension.

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  1. You know, she's the first person I think of when I do something stupid, but that's to be expected for me. I gotta admit it's a little hilarious that you think it too.