Sunday, October 4, 2009

Even though my heart was in Austin this weekend...

my cold, muddy, drizzled on body was still right here in Richardson.

Cottonwood Arts Festival has really been down on it's luck these last two go rounds with unseasonably rainy weather, but that didn't stop residents from coming out in force this weekend.

I was actually shocked to see so many people walking down Beltline this afternoon as I was out running errands, and while I had all but given up on the idea of going, they inspired me.

So one trek down the street and a lovely stroll through some hay covered mud later I was pleasantly surprised to find this gem of a booth:By FAR my favorite vendor and new to the festival this year, John Hung Ha brings some really creative style to CW. I'm happy to say he was one of the few not selling cheesy obama-shrine pop art.And only because I do have a birthday coming up in 2010, I'll post this...
Another one of my favorite booths was one stocked full of suburbia:I didn't get the artists name, but his work gave me a real chuckle.And then, what are the odds...I ran into Richardson's very own Place 7 council member, Amir Omar, giving local children shoulder rides around the park.
Actually the odds were pretty good, especially since I told him to call me once he got up there so I'd have a 'richardson politic-y' reason to blog about Cottonwood. See, not quite the same as stocking.

Other highlights? According to my neighbors - the food. Although there were no fried twinkies this year to my dismay...And another highlight was that not all of the artwork was limited to the festival grounds. We actually found this beaut on our way back to the car. (VERY ANATOMICALLY CORRECT RENDERING - respectfully blurred for those us of over the age of 13)
Keff, you may want to send someone over to patch this "self expression" up. (alley off Dumont, facing the park) It's a good 3 1/2 feet long and right at the base of some poor schlup's driveway.

So all in all, even though the CAF was no ACL, it was still pretty alright.

Did any other brave souls make it out there this weekend?


  1. A picture of half eaten corndogs followed by the apparent picture of the male anatomy? Was this subconsciously done? =P

  2. Was out there and saw the huge pecker in the alley too. Is it just me, or are the food vendors getting a little thin? Can't afford any art, so I go for the food. $5 for a spun tater, $2 water, come to think of it, I should save for art.


  3. I spotted that last piece of art as well. Budding expressionists in our area aren't there.

    I thought there were fewer food vendors as well. I went over there for lunch on Sunday. $4 corn dogs aren't too expensive. Now the Caribbean jerk chicken, that was a little pricy.