Sunday, October 25, 2009

For the Arguing Anonymy....

who have been commenting on "It's Official..."

I can understand her. Am I a bit distracted by the accent, though? Yeah.


  1. My dear American, you are very beautiful with all my respect. I loved your Blog is note 10. A hug Limoeiro Manoel de Recife-PE.

  2. D., I think he confuses you with Angie, but guess you had it coming since you will be dressing as her on Halloween. :)

  3. Ha! Same thing showed up on Pour Me Another Suburban...spam. Oh well, I'll take what I can get these days, ha!

  4. OK - I rest my case. This is an example of what high priced consultants can do for almost $1 million. This piece is clearly one that was scripted and overly rehearsed - and still Ms. Button has trouble speaking good, understandable English (bad subject/verb agreements, etc.). For the money, I'd expect it be this quality (or, actually, better).

    Try talking with her when she ISN'T scripted - OMG. Or, listening to her in a forum - or, worse, on the floor of the TX house. You'd think that she arrived yesterday, instead of "29 years ago as a poor, shy UTD student". Please, spare us, Ms. Button. When she talks, you slowly start to see eyes rolling, folks looking away, etc.

    Sadly, it is what it is. District 112 deserves so much better.