Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Neighborhood Night Out....

was kind of a drag because of the rain. Not many of our neighbors came out and it wound down about an hour early, but there was one highlight!

My neighbor Becky (you'll remember her as the dancer from the 'All the Single Ladies @ Wildflower' video & also the corn dog eater seen here) dropped her cell phone down the rain gutter, and Eddie her husband, went into retrieve it.

Don't worry, I got pics. I'm kind of like one of those National Geographic photographers...I don't help, I just take pictures as the poor antelope gets torn limb by limb, or in this case, covered in icky sewer germs from limb to limb:

"Eddie not wanting to go down into the gutter"

"The Gutter"
"The Retrieval"

"The Becky should Not Be Laughing"
It was not all fun and Ninja Turtle games though, my Eddie (little Eddie) was so sad when the party was over and we had to go home:

Somebody give that baby an Oscar!


  1. Where is everyone?

  2. Probably all ran off screaming after seeing someone crawl into a sewer........ barf

  3. or more likely, crawling up from the sewer...

  4. Only 20 or so people showed up-compared to the 60+ who are normally there. I think most people just assumed it was rained out.

  5. No, Destiny, I meant "where are all the commentors?!"

  6. I dunno, I can see from my Analytics that the same number of people are still coming by and spending the same amount of time on C&P reading - just not commenting I guess.

    Or maybe they're all finally burned out like I was a few weeks back...