Thursday, October 15, 2009

Texas Constitutional Amendment Ballot - November 3, 2009

The following links contain information about the upcoming Constitutional Amendments on the ballot. The information includes wording of ballot propositions, analysis of proposed amendments, background about this issues, summary of comments pro and con, text of the bills and who authored the bills.

Color Coded Ratings - Good - BAD

Constitutional Amendment No 1 - ... municipality or county to issue bonds or notes to finance the acquisition of buffer areas or open spaces adjacent to a military installation ...

Constitutional Amendment No 2 - ... taxation of a residence homestead solely on the basis of its value as a residence homestead, regardless of whether residential use by the owner is considered to be the highest and best use of the property.

Constitutional Amendment No 3 - ... uniform standards and procedures for
the appraisal of property
for property tax purposes ...

Constitutional Amendment No 4 - ... create the national research university fund ...

Constitutional Amendment No 5 - ... allow the legislature by general law to authorize a single board of equalization for two or more adjoining appraisal entities ...

Constitutional Amendment No 6 - ... authorizes the Veterans’ Land Board (VLB) to provide for, issue, and sell general obligation bonds of the state to provide home mortgage loans to Texas
veterans ...

Constitutional Amendment No 7 - ... exempt officers and enlisted members of the Texas State Guard and any other active militia or military force organized under Texas law from the prohibition against holding or exercising more than one civil office of emolument at the same time ....

Constitutional Amendment No 8 - The proposed amendment would add Section 73, Article XVI, Texas Constitution, to authorize the state to contribute money, property, and other resources to establish, maintain, and operate veterans hospitals.

Constitutional Amendment No 9 - ... to establish that the public has an unrestricted right to access and use a public beach ... in favor of the public and would authorize the legislature to enact laws to protect that right and to protect the public beach easement from interference and encroachments ...

Constitutional Amendment No 10 - Section 30, Article XVI, Texas Constitution, limits the term of office for all state offices to two years unless otherwise specifically indicated by the constitution ...governing board of an emergency services district may serve terms not to exceed four years.

Constitutional Amendment No 11 - ... restrict the taking, damaging, or destroying of a person’s property for public use to circumstances in which the taking, damage, or destruction is necessary for the ownership, use, and enjoyment of the property by the State of Texas, a political subdivision of the state, the public at large ... “public use” does not include the taking of property for transfer to a private entity for the primary purpose of economic development or enhancement of tax revenues ..



  1. #10 - how come we get to keep the same old tired leadership for decades when 2 years or four years is the case for state level? People need to wake up in Richardson!!!!

    All of these need further examination.

  2. #10 can go either way for me, it is not a big issue. There are pros and cons there on that one and it isn't really a big item like some of the other ones. It is nice to have a chance for a fresh face every two years, but at the same time, there are benefits to having a good person hang around. Just my opinion though.

    As far as all of them needing further examination, what D. has done is a great first step, making it so public. Hopefully it will generate lots of thought from people reading and debating these issues here on her site as well as other places. At the end of dicussions, we may not find ourselves standing in the same spot as we started.

    #2, #3, #5 and #11 are, in my opinion, the most important and very good amendments that help protect property rights. I know the city management will not have the same view, but I can live with that.

  3. Thank you for providing information about the amendments. There hasn't been much in the "Mornng Snooze" about them. What a valuable public service you provide... just when I thought "Conserve and Protect" was mostly about humor and political satire! Thanks.

  4. Anonymous @ 7:22-

    Sorry to have misled you. You had C&P right the first time. :)

  5. Look like you and the Dallas Tea party came to the same conclusions.
    The general public, sadly, is not informed about these issues and when they go to vote, the vast majority of them will not havea clue. Sure wish that could change! Thanks Destiny for posting this.

  6. Here is what the Texas Assn. of Realtors has to say about Amendent #9.

    Proposition 9: This proposal would amend the Texas Constitution, to establish that the public has an unrestricted right to access and use a public beach, strengthening the state’s long-standing policy which has been around since before Texas was even a state. Texas has one of the strongest coastal access laws in the nation. Putting this language in the Texas Constitution would ensure that the state’s Public Beaches Act is protected from future tampering without the consent of Texas voters. Why do Texas REALTORS care? The Texas Coast is a gem because of its public beaches. Texans cherish having that access and tourists flock to beach communities each year, bringing in tax dollars and economic development which support local communities.

    Can anyone clarify what is bad about this. I am not sticking upi for the realtors,(they did,after all, back Chen Button) but just curious about the difference in opinion.

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  8. Anon @ 8:37am, here is a document that gives a very good description of the amendment.

    If you left click on amendment 9 in Destiny's post, it will take you there too. Rather than trying to explain it, if you read this it should give you a good understanding of what the amendment is about.

    Because it is not protecting private property rights, and more strongly endorses states rights, I would say vote no.

    As far as Richardson residents are concerned, is has little immediate impact either way. But if that nut job named Al Gore is right, then maybe in several (thousands of) years, we in Richardson will have beach front property. Then, it will be of concern to Richardson residents. But, if that were to happen, most of us would be dead and wouldn’t care anyway.


  9. I'm Sorry but I can't and will not agree with the good rating for 2,3,and 5. This will open up communities to unfair taxes by persons who should not have the authority to impose these taxes. Property taxes are flawed in Texas they should be done away with and this my friends is totally a step in the wrong direction. Texas should be a place where its people are free not place where its people are slaves and are taxed (without concrete guidelines) for having a basic necessity for living , a roof over their heads. These amendments are wolf in sheep's clothing. They do nothing for protecting property rights and everything for centralizing power in a few greedy hands They go against the spirit of Texas.

  10. Anon, you got it wrong. Click on each link on the amendments and read through it for yourself.

  11. My husband & I went to vote today and the only propositions on our ballots were 2 local propositions. Where were these 11 propositions?? BR

  12. These were actually from last year. :)

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