Thursday, October 15, 2009

Totally Unpolitical....

So I think this year I wanna dress up for Halloween.

Growing up, my parents never let us celebrate satan's Holiday, aside from handing out tracks to pissed off candy seekers, about hell. But rather than keeping my kids in, and explaining to them all of the intricacies of the occult, I let them trick or treat, and just tell them Halloween is all about candy! In your face satan.

This year E's gonna be Michael, the Archangel:
(just about the only thing that coulda made this picture more 'Christian Right'-ish would've been a billowing American flag behind the cross)

And, no, we didn't tell him he had to be a Bible character. I actually wanted him to be 'Max' from 'Where the Wild Things Are' so that I could tease out Eiffel and Eddie's hair and make them monsters. He passed. He said Eiffel was already monster enough.

So, Eif will end up being a princess (might try to talk her into be a dead princess AT LEAST, just so I can break out the spirit gum) And Ed will be a Walmart baby, if the weather allows - This costume involves a diaper, some dirty feet and a bottle full of Mountain Dew...but that still doesn't leave any obvious pair ups for Abe and I.

What do you all think we should be?


  1. Mountain Dew, huh? You must want Ed to stay up all night with all that caffeine. The only thing I know of with more caffeine that mountain dew is Jolt. It was advertised as having twice as much sugar and caffeine as other drinks. Potent stuff.

    Which reminds me, once and only ONCE, I was able to borrow my niece for dinner one time. I took her to the cafeteria for dinner and told her to get whatever she wanted. She was 7 or 8 at the time. She looked up at me with her big blues and asked if she could have iced tea to drink. I told her sure, what ever you want. I thought I was being such a nice uncle, until the next day when my sister called me and demanded to know what I had done to her daughter! I didn’t even think about the effects of a kid having caffeine (who had almost never had caffeine before) with just hours before bedtime. My sister told me she would NEVER let me take her daughter to dinner again, without first giving me proper instructions.

  2. Adorable. Just absolutely, positively adorable.