Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Turns out...

the two most hurtful and offensive things ever written about Amir Omar (that he knows of - in my defense) were both by me and on this blog.

Wow. Some friend I am.

So yeah, looks like the joke's on you 'Anonymous'....good PR, my ......

i am a douchebag. my apologies.

PS-I'm going to delete all the snide little comments posted under this, so don't even bother writing 'em.


  1. just waiting for Barb to throw a barb :)

  2. I must have missed something. As far as I have read, starting before the election, you have progressed from a "not so trustful of Amir person", to a real friend and supporter.
    I also believe he is deserving of your good will. Has your foot been in your mouth?
    If so, friends forgive each other.

  3. Anonymous @ 5:36 - Yeah, you did miss something. I had put a post up Monday night, that I took down yesterday b/c while I thought it was funny, it went just a little too far.

  4. Was it the post where you gave him the T-Shirt? The picture of Amir was endearing to me.

  5. I agree, I even thought he looked handsome in the second one. I think the problem was more in the title. Amir loves Jesus, and would never spit on him, and I, as a Christian shouldn't have even made that joke....sad when someone else has to point that out to you. :)

    *On a side note, his daughter-Alaina, agreed with me that it was funny. ...Amir's just too old...