Friday, October 30, 2009

The Wade Emmert Fundraiser

Sorry it's taken me so long to post about this, turns out I have kids who actually prefer me to Spongebob, go figure...
Well I have to say, right off the bat the one thing I noticed about Wade is he's a lot smaller in real life, much, much leaner than his Fbook leads you to believe.

So now you're asking, is this really relevant Destiny? To which I would reply, no, absolutely not, just interesting. He also has a great smile and was a really neat, normal guy, even kind of funny. I like him, yes I do.
Anyway, moving along, the event was held at my mayors house and there were many familiar faces....
Chris and Jenny Davis, Jim Shepherd, The Murph, Chuck E., Linda Sue, Angie Chen Button, Amir, and even Thomas Volmer (remember him) and lil Volmer made it out...There was also a noticeable amount of super hero hair present as well. Like the honorable Greg, for instance...I told him that he's officially bumped The Mitch out of the number one ranking spot for Mr.Incredible impersonators in Texas. Sorry Steve, just being honest.

Overall, great event, good company, and hopefully Wade Emmert met some cool new people and some cool dead presidents as well.

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