Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The Wednesday Night Trifecta

Obamanomics, Chris Davis & Wine.
First of all, any meeting where wine is served = good { + better than Richardson City Council. }

A flask won't fit in my nice pants, which is why I'm always FORCED to wear sweat pants on Monday nights. Lesson here: You want fancy Destiny, you throw a shindig like the Dallas County Repub's do.Secondary lesson, don't be a social networking A-hole, because as a Christian, God will make sure you are properly busted and held accountable.


Ok, so basically, Obamanomics was very interesting don't get me wrong, but as part of the "new generation" I started twittering during the meeting, and at one point Tom Paulken made this very profound which I tweeted:

"Quote of the night "where are the people of character?" @ceisemann sits behind me."

What can I say? I am that internet bully 48 Hours warned you about.

But whatever, C. Eisemann has tweeted like 3 times ever (*I actually just tried to fact checked that, and turns out he's blocked me....what a catty bitch) anyway I never thought he'd actually see my on-line bravado, but then I got called out by the Dallas Repub prez who started talking about their Fbook and website (which PS-Guiliani, seriously? Huge Pro-abort, but whatev, so is Kay Bay, I guess), and then he asked me if they're on Twitter yet by saying 'Hey Destiny-are we? Are you tweeting this?'

So yeah. Karma. Thanks.

Oh, but the night did have a silver lining, I got a picture with my {favorite} mayor:
Who's having a thing tomorrow night for a fellow badass who you should all give money to.

I feel a throwback youtube dedication coming on.

To Destiny's Mayor...


  1. Sorry he is your favorite Mayor. Wish he had found it opportunistic to get change underway when he had the opportunity and WAS mayor.
    Anyone else looking for a new city leader with hudspa?

  2. We could certainly use some hudspa.