Monday, October 5, 2009

You know that girl with the green dreadlocks...

(I'm assuming she dyes them that color) that comes to your door with all of her other dirty hippie friends and asks you to write your local reps regarding environmental stuff, throwing computers into landfills, etc.?

Well, looking kinda dirty hippy-ish myself I always end up feeling kindred with them and doing it, even through I'm about as green as Bob Macy. And I guess do to my persistence (2nd letter in 2 years) ole' BO now considers me a friend rather than a militant fundamentalist. How does the saying go? Keep your friends close but your enemies generic copy letter closer?

The crazy thing is, while I did send him the enviro copy that the hippies gave me I also added a line that went something like "...and while your at it, please stop funding the slaughter of millions of innocent human beings each year as well," hmmmmm, I guess they just skimmed my letter.

(click to enlarge....BO tells me I need to walk and bike more)

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  1. Don't even get me start on "the one" who is doing his level best to destroy America.