Monday, November 30, 2009


The 5th Circuit Court of Appeal hearing of the lawsuit against COR is now scheduled to begin at 9:00 AM. (not 10)

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Be there or be square.

Dear Richardson Residents and Tea Party Friends,

I believe the reason we are contending with such corruption and misappropriation of power at the highest levels of government is because we did not involve ourselves properly to stop it at the lowest levels of government.

You will have an opportunity on Tuesday, December 1st to attend a court hearing at the Fifth District Court of Appeals that involves our City of Richardson and one of its citizens, Mr. William Gordon, who has taken the city to court because of its neglect to follow its own City Charter.

The case began back in October 2007.  It is fundamentally a case about a City government that believes it can do whatever it wants to do, regardless of rules established in the City Charter by its residents, including conduction closed meetings with no transparency to voters.

Benjamin Franklin once said, "They who would give up an essential liberty for temporary security, deserve neither liberty nor security."  It is important that the City and the Court see just how important this case is to those of us who care about Richardson, and how our rights and liberties are being so poorly protected by City officials.

The Hearing will take place on the second  floor of the George Allen Courthouse Building located at 600 Commerce Street in downtown Dallas at 9:00 a.m. on Tuesday, December 1st.  This white multi-story building is directly south of the beautiful Old Red Courthouse.  There is underground parking available underneath Old Red with the entrance on Commerce Street at Houston Street.

If you can take the time to come and support this citizen, William Gordon, who is merely trying to ensure that his city follows its charter, conducts its business in legal and transparent fashion and for the benefit of all of the citizens...not just the select few who have for decades enjoyed the special perks and privilege reserved for those in the "In Crowd" in Richardson; please come downtown and stand with him to bring honesty and transparency back to our local municipal government.

Should you desire more information, more detailed background information is provided below.  Please pass this information on to other Richardson residents.

“It is not the function of our Government to keep the citizen from falling into error; it is the function of the citizen to keep the Government from falling into error.”  Supreme Court Justice Robert H. Jackson

Happy Thanksgiving!

And please remember, like the mayor would probably say,
"DRINK RESPONSIBLY!"This message brought to you by the folk who think this is what the mayor would probably say. more than likely. If they had to guess.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

As a charismatic, I'm use to all this hollering out...just not at council meet'n's

Ok, so I watched the council meeting video-got an e-mail from John Wallberg-forwarded it to David-he did all of the work and I'm linking to it here now.

This is an except from what Wallberg sent me:

"We had this timed out as:

Intro: 3 min
Me: 4 min
George: 5 min
Closing: 3 min

for a total of 15 minutes. If you were to look at the time remaining when the mayor jumped in, you would see that we still had ~3 minutes left."

Upon watching the video again, which has so graciously timed for us (go down to Item 4), you can clearly see that David and John's assessments were pretty accurate. They were slighted on time.

This brings us to the Mitch, though. In all fairness, Amir also interrupted, but was ignored. Steve Mitchell on the other hand, interrupted and would not let Gary ignore him. Was it rude or was he just being assertive? Probably a little bit of both.

The odd thing is I've watched Slagel give Nathan Morgan (of all people) more than his alloted time, on more than one occasion. Pam starts rolling her eyes and begins raising her watch higher and higher in the air. I start quietly imagining that Nathan and Gary have a secret Carville/Matalin type romance that we're all just oblivious to and this is just how they flirt, which makes me smile, and then eventually Gary will have Nathan wrap things up. Like I said, this happens time and time again.

Either way, though, last night the Owens Parker's did not seduce the mayor as much as Mr.Morgan normally does so they got cut off. Steve then promptly reciprocated by cutting Gary off. Kind of awkward, but in the end, it was the perfect storm and I hate that I missed it, because everyone there was able to witness, what I believe might have been, the. most. immediate. delivery. of. karma. ever. ever, ever.

The only thing that could have made this better would've been if Kanye West himself had shown up to then cut Steve off.

Last Night's Council Meeting....

Ok, so I wrote this blurb last night, but I feel like I should expound a bit.

The 5-minute rule was not unfair to last night's presenters. The fact that they were having to present during the visitors section is what was unfair. They should have been alloted time on the agenda, because Lord knows, we've all been hearing about this issue for months in the visitors section.

Obviously it's time that the city show some respect and at least hear them out, try to formulate a solution and come to an agreement. And while not everyone will like it, at least the neighborhoods can feel like they were heard. At this rate though, Richardson is making some real enemies. Allowing people to feel like they were "wronged," just because you don't want to involve them, is not the best way to handle this issue. There may be little that can be done, but at least show them the respect of listening and working with them. After all, this is their home, and this does effect their quality of life, which at one point on the campaign trail, many of you cared about.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Log Cabin Republicans...unfortunately, they have no affiliation with pancakes.


But that's ok. They were still a really swell group. Trey Garrison was the guest speaker, and he did a fabulous job at equating gay rights to gun rights.Another great line came from our hostess with the mostest, Robert (the club prez), who said that now Republicans understand how they feel, since many of us are 'in the closet' these days, politically.

In all fairness.....

there time was up, David. A 5 -minute rule implemented by none other than my very own Jesus Christ Super Star councilman....

If people started thinking they could sway the council into allowing them more time, I think I would probably stop showing up at the council meetings. (shut up! I know I didn't show up tonight, but I have a FABULOUS excuse, and I'm about to post all about it)

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Mark took the blame for most of it...

as he rightfully should. :)

I however lame lay claim *cue dog lifting let on hydrant* to this line: "Others have brought up issues of ethnicity. This too is misplaced if not a ignorant and insulting criticism."

That was all me Steger, so step off.
(you're the 'other' blog)

Gobble Hobble '09

Who would've thought a day that started before 6am, while it was still dark and cold, would have turned out to be such a blast!

To those of you who have never participated in the Gobble Hobble before I highly recommend doing it next year! Whether you run/walk/volunteer you're sure to have a great time! (I promise a PR rep for the Gobble Hobble did not just write that...but maybe they should hire me)

Chief Spivey was there, of course, and Amir with his stroller...

and also Deputy City Manager Dan Johnson (who was wearing a hat, otherwise I DEFINITELY would've recognized him). I didn't have my camera ready when I saw him, so please enjoy this photoshop rendering. IMO, it's spot on.There were tons of ADORABLE kids...A lot of faux fur......and even more not so faux fur was also on display....(I have a fabulous picture of this guy either doing yoga or stretching, just e-mail me if you'd like to see it)

But not everything was sunshine, lollipops & rainbows unfortunately, a flasher was taken into custody right before the race began...Ba-da-chhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

And then they were off!While the run/walkers did there thing I went to go have my picture taken with the Official Gobble Hobble mascot. {picture withheld do to bad smiling angle-ness} Obviously I'm 12.

Then before we knew it, the runners where headed for the finish line.

These two guys kept jetting ahead of one another, but finally 673 took the lead and won!As for the Man with Stroller division, your honorable city councilman came in first place.
Another person deserving of some honorable mention was this guy, 1474, I have never seen anybody arm pump more feircely in my life...And one more honorable mention for this guy, for having the most awesome hair I think I have ever seen...
Abrahm, take notes, this is totally what I want you to do once a few more of those grays start showing up. (btw, happy 32nd b-day!-a day late)

What a great event!!!

*Also, on a side note- Corblog, I think I finally got to the bottom of all that superfluous overtime pay....puppets.....with car allowances.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

For those of you who did not receive this in the mail today...

click on image to enlarge

Warning: Collin County - Watch Out For Snakes!

"The most popular explanation I've heard for the investigation against Willis is that the DA and his chief assistants do not want Judge Willis to become the next District Attorney - they believe that if he is elected, he will "clean house" by replacing many of the lead prosecutors.

Local attorneys point to what they say is a history of using grand juries for intimidation by DA Roach and Chris Milner, the Chief of the District Attorney's Special Crimes Division."

Click here to read more @ The Collin County Observer.

Dallas County North Republican Club Of Texas Affiliates Of Richardson On Lookout

(sorry, I was just trying to make the name a little bit longer, Vincent)

Anyway, last night at the DCNRC, I ran into none other than Steph Carter...
which is kind of crazy since I probably haven't seen her in over a year, then I mention her on C&P and bam, two days later there she is! So maybe I should (Alan Keyes) try that with (Sen Cornyn) some other (John McEnroe) people whom I'd (Sarah Palin) like to meet. (ok, we'll see if that works-and yeah McEnroe's not a politician, but I still really want to meet him)

Moving along, Steph's opponent, Alex P. keaton, who I recognized from this DMN Richardson blog post was also there. Very nice guy, worked on Rudy Giuliani's campaign before, but I will hold that against him. no typo. Also spotted was Chuck E., Denny, Diane Wardrup and some guy who Epstein yelled at for being on his cell phone, which IMO, was totally bad ass.

So if you ever see this guy, ESPECIALLY if he's wearing his fatigues, DO NOT leave your ringer on, and certainly DO NOT ANSWER YOUR PHONE AND START TALKING WHILE HE'S IN THE MIDDLE OF SPEAKING IF SOMEONE CALLS!!!

Oy vey, some people just have no class-says the person who was tweeting most of the meeting (but hey, at least my rudity was quiet).

And for all you Facebookers who wanna support Steph, click below.....

Monday, November 16, 2009

The Planets Aligned Tonight....

What are the odds that I'd be at a Press Club happy hour this evening and none other than Judson Stafford of Murphy Turner & Associates (the d-bags responsible for all the coalition candidate's mailers) would sit down and start chatting me up?!?!? Fabulous guy, looks exactly like Wayne Arnold from The Wonder Years. Like seriously. To the point of full creepy-outness.

Anyway, he and I agreed on the following: Amir-Nice, The Murph-Kinda Nice, Slagel- Wayne Arnold: "Great guy" Destiny: "have I used the word 'Douche-bag' yet this week?"

Thank goodness his pal Michael Flusche arrived just in time to provide some comic relief. His feelings on Amir-Nice, The Murph-Undecided, Slag-"You do realize that Judson gets paid to endorse people, right?"


Judson "Wayne Arnold" Stafford is a PR prostitute. Nice guy. Republican. Gunning for Steph Carter for State Rep, who, as a non-PR-whore I will say, on the record, IS AWESOME! Abrahm went to highschool with her and she is the GREATEST!

"The Executive Session"

anybody else think this sounds like one of the menu options at a Harry Hines "spa?"

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Wild Bill's got a new gig over at The Richardson Echo

I only tell you this because I'm one of them now, a Coalition Crony that is. After meeting with Laska the other night they just let me right on in (a lot easier than I thought it'd be). So anyway, unless I want Chuck Eisemann to eat my youngest child I have to promote my fellow cronies. Look it's very complicated. Bottom line, if you like Eddie and want to see her live a long and prosperous life, you'll just check this out...

Wild Bill's City Council For Dummies

Mr.Omar, today you slip back into complete irrelevance.

Amir Omar is no longer the Volunteer of The Year....mainly because now someone else is.

So, Amir who? Exactly.

There's only one group of people who like writing Veteran's Day addresses more than me....


You win this year Elizabeth Ames Jones and Greg Abbott, you win this year!

Dear Friends,

Today we honor our veterans; the Soldiers, Marines, Airmen, Guardsmen and Sailors who have made great sacrifices to ensure we all live in a safe and secure America.
We are blessed to have so many brave men and women who have put on a uniform and fought to defend our nation, our families and our way of life. Their sacrifices have made it possible for us to be living in a free country today.

We as Americans should remember, honor and support our veterans, they are truly the best America has to offer and I’m so thankful to each and every one.

With warmest regards,
Elizabeth Ames Jones


On this day—Veterans’ Day—I hope you will have a moment to honor the brave veterans who served our great nation. As we observe this day of recognition for our veterans, it is also fitting that we pause to consider those who suffered during the tragic shooting at Fort Hood. Our thoughts and prayers are with the entire community as they continue to cope with this senseless tragedy.

Many Texans want to do something—to take some action to help those affected by last week’s tragic events. If you are wondering how you can help the victims and their families on this Veteran’s Day, visit and click the red Donate button on the right side of the screen. Your generous support will help provide travel, lodging, food, and other necessities for those who suffered during the deplorable attack.

Cecilia and I wish all Texans—particularly those who served in the armed services—a very happy and safe Veterans’ Day.

Greg Abbott
Attorney General of Texas

I'm not his biggest fan these days-

but I'll still take him over Kay Bailey...Gov. Perry will be coming to the Collin County Republican Headquarters next Monday, the 16th @ 1:30pm if anyone is interested in heckling him meeting him.

"If you would like to meet and visit with our Governor, we encourage you to join us for this special event, here in Collin County.

The address is:
8416 Stacy Rd , McKinney , TX
(north of SH121, halfway between Custer & Alma roads)"

Monday, November 9, 2009

Just Met with Andrew Laska and....

wow. smart. nice teeth. but aside from all that.....
this is basically an illustration of what I took away from the meeting:If Richardson does not address the issues at Spring Valley, Dallas will creep in, and not slowly either. It's happening all over the U.S. and whether we're racists or not, we're totally predictable.

So Canyon Creekers- if y'all don't like Mexicans, ya better help The Heights out now, otherwise Richardson will become the next Oak Cliff.

...which is fine by me, because well, Oak Cliff-that's my hood.

Bottom Line: We are the first neighborhood that will have to deal with this and if we do not invest in the solution now and handle it correctly The Heights neighborhoods will go by the wayside and then it'll be your subdivisions turn to figure it out.

This does not mean adding 'doucheblight' as someone so eloquently said on the DMN blog (by the way, love the word, of course) like I originally thought. It simply means figuring out a way, with the help of super smart development genius' to seamlessly make this transition on Richardson's ghetto flagship, if ya will.

*DING*DING*DING* We have a winner...

The mystery fancy feet belong to none other than Angela Paxton, of the dynamic duo Ken and Angela Paxton.
Ken Paxton has been a State Rep for District 70 since 2003, but might be moving up to a Senate seat one of these days if we're lucky.

A Wonderful Read From The Other Side Of Our Very Own Jeff Weiss...

An insightful, thought-provoking, and wonderfully written article about the Ft.Hood tragedy.

Monday Morning Chuckle

No further comments required, just click here.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Guess those twinkle toes....

Last night, while volunteering at the Star Children's Charity gala (an amazing organization which raises money for 7 different wonderful Collin County causes), I spotted one of Collin County's most upstanding elected officials and his stunning wife (who's feet are prominently featured above).

My mystery shoe guest was gracious enough to let me snap a shot of her killer pumps so that I would have a reason to not only talk about Star Children's on C&P but also her fabulous husband.

And so, because I know the feet don't automatically give away who this Collin County couple is, here are some other clues:

He serves on the Ways and Means Committee
She and her three daughters and one son have the most angelic voices this side of McKinney
He has worked tirelessly over the years to Defund Planned Parenthood
She serves on the board of this wicked awesome club
He ranks up there with 'Corndog' on my list of conserva-crushes, and I'm gonna go out on a limb and say I believe the reason he is such a great man is because he has a phenomenal woman behind him. (oh, and she's a total fox, too) If that doesn't give it away, I don't know what does.

Winner, as always, receives one years free subscription to Ed Cognoski

Oh, and by the way, just in case you were beginning to think I might actually be this great volunteering woman of generosity, and ask me to help at one of your events, by "volunteering" I mean I twittered, drank gin and took goofy pics all night on my iPhone. (so, come to think of it, kind of like going to council) Exhibit A...
Exhibit B & C were not directly related, but I pretended they were...

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Ha! Just when I was about to post...

how proud I was that no one had voted for "Mexicans" yet, one upstanding douche bag came along and did it. Good on you douche bag, good on you.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Me and All My Mexican Babies

I'm sorry, that was ghetto, what I meant was 'all of my Mexican babies and I.'

You know what I love about South West Richardson? Within walking distance from my house is a Whole Foods full of the most waspy people on God's green earth, just like me, and then if I go down to the other side of Waterview there are the most fabulous supermarkets around for people who actually like food that tastes good, just like me. Additionally, at those supermarkets I get to freak out my kids by showing them full pig carcasses, and that totally trumps Whole Foods any day. The scariest stuff they have is in their cosmetics section.

Either way, Abrahm and I often joke that we've got the best of both worlds by being here in between Beltline & Spring Valley. On one side there's so much culture and life and on the other there's so much face cream! We love it.

And maybe the council has just struck a nerve with me, personally, but I don't like the way some of them talk about "cleaning up Spring Valley" obviously implying that we should snuff out little Mexico over there.

At tonight's meeting they discussed the "density" in that area, and how while it'll never go back to being a single family development maybe we could at least have town homes there instead of apartments, or "Urban Living" as someone called it.

I get that. Gentrification is not a new concept. They've done it in Houston, Dallas and East Plano recently. Kick the poor people out, bring the yuppies in. Yuppies like Whole Foods. I know that much.

The problem is, Richardson is such a dichotomy. There are old, white, rich people and young, poor, brown people. By yuppifying Spring Valley, you're proposing we just bring in young, middle-class, white people.

I suppose that's your version of a compromise. It's my version of bad juju though.

Just because you kick the poor people out of Richardson (who also appreciate our good community and school district for their children), that doesn't mean they'll magically disappear into thin air. And they will have to go somewhere.

So how about this for a compromise- you continue code enforcement for the Spring Valley apartment complexes, I mean really crack down; you protect the young, low-income families from slum lords; you continue providing wonderful educators like Fernando Medina and the others at Dover, and you learn to embrace the rich culture that South Richardson has to offer without writing it off as a subpar community just because it's not very "white?"

Interesting trumps white. {see also: pigs trump cosmetics}

E. went to Dover last year, and I can tell you these "apartment people" are good people. They would pack out the cafeteria for PTA meetings and school events. They were involved. They cared. Their kids were my son's friends. Sure there are bad apples, but there are bad apples all over Richardson. I just heard about a guy the other day from Canyon Creek who was having sex with some woman in a trailer on his lunch breaks. If that's not ghetto behavior than I don't know what is.

Look, I'm not just saying all of this because I'm mexican by marriage, or because I drive a rice burner or because I'm practically Catholic-just minus all of the Pope & Mary stuff, I'm saying this because some of you other wasp's are just being straight up whack. People are more important that property values, and culture is an attribute not a hinderance. Why can't anyone appreciate this diverse part of our city?


You'll join THIS GROUP if you know what's good for you.

P.S. I'm open to changing the pic, this was just the only one I could find (google) on short notice. If you have a better one past it along!

P.S.S. Tom-your kids really need to get jobs, I had 3 Bache-Wiig's join within the first 5 minutes.