Tuesday, November 24, 2009

As a charismatic, I'm use to all this hollering out...just not at council meet'n's

Ok, so I watched the council meeting video-got an e-mail from John Wallberg-forwarded it to David-he did all of the work and I'm linking to it here now.

This is an except from what Wallberg sent me:

"We had this timed out as:

Intro: 3 min
Me: 4 min
George: 5 min
Closing: 3 min

for a total of 15 minutes. If you were to look at the time remaining when the mayor jumped in, you would see that we still had ~3 minutes left."

Upon watching the video again, which COR.net has so graciously timed for us (go down to Item 4), you can clearly see that David and John's assessments were pretty accurate. They were slighted on time.

This brings us to the Mitch, though. In all fairness, Amir also interrupted, but was ignored. Steve Mitchell on the other hand, interrupted and would not let Gary ignore him. Was it rude or was he just being assertive? Probably a little bit of both.

The odd thing is I've watched Slagel give Nathan Morgan (of all people) more than his alloted time, on more than one occasion. Pam starts rolling her eyes and begins raising her watch higher and higher in the air. I start quietly imagining that Nathan and Gary have a secret Carville/Matalin type romance that we're all just oblivious to and this is just how they flirt, which makes me smile, and then eventually Gary will have Nathan wrap things up. Like I said, this happens time and time again.

Either way, though, last night the Owens Parker's did not seduce the mayor as much as Mr.Morgan normally does so they got cut off. Steve then promptly reciprocated by cutting Gary off. Kind of awkward, but in the end, it was the perfect storm and I hate that I missed it, because everyone there was able to witness, what I believe might have been, the. most. immediate. delivery. of. karma. ever. ever, ever.

The only thing that could have made this better would've been if Kanye West himself had shown up to then cut Steve off.


  1. The big question is: who was the gray-haired gentleman sitting in the front row of the gallery? He's the one who demanded that the people be heard. His comment to Slagel was something along the line of: "You've talked long enough. Let the people speak!"

    Those are words to live by.

  2. For too long, people have meekly cowtowed to the vicious little bully, Slagel. But since he's returned as mayor (stifling an urge to vomit) a growing number of people are refusing to tolerate Slagel's heavy-handed tactics.

    The best way to handle a bully is to walk up to him and punch him in the nose. So it's nice to see that Mitchell is standing up and demanding that the people be heard. You can't give in to a bully... you can't negotiate... you can't dance around. You just punch him in the nose.

  3. For those who naievly believe five minutes at the commencement of a final official act is the "reasonable opportunity" specified for the public to provide its input and address any/all matters at Council meetings, I say you don't live in the United States I fought to defend. Your recitation of the Pledge is little more than a blatant display of the hypocracy that has enabled bad people to exploit the use of public resources while holding on to positions of power. When you are willing to sit down and shut up when a public servant commands, you become the servant.