Wednesday, November 11, 2009

I'm not his biggest fan these days-

but I'll still take him over Kay Bailey...Gov. Perry will be coming to the Collin County Republican Headquarters next Monday, the 16th @ 1:30pm if anyone is interested in heckling him meeting him.

"If you would like to meet and visit with our Governor, we encourage you to join us for this special event, here in Collin County.

The address is:
8416 Stacy Rd , McKinney , TX
(north of SH121, halfway between Custer & Alma roads)"


  1. Perry, even with his faults, is better than KBH.

  2. Why do you feel he's better than KBH? Here's my thinking, because I'd rather have her.

    1. Education - Hutchinson wants to do more to improve education including improving areas such as science and math. Perry talks about education, but only in a vague general way. He thinks Texas should have more 1st tier universities, but doesn't care one wit about primary and secondary schools.

    Perry wants all new highway construction to be toll roads, Hutchinson believes we should start using the gas tax money for roads instead of tolls instead of syphoning it off for who knows what purposes.

    Perry talks about property rights, but if he had had his way farmers would have lost millions of acres of land for the trans-Texas corridor through eminent domain.

    I'm personally of the opinion that Rick Perry is corrupt. Take as example how he turned a blind eye to the goings on of the Texas Medical Board in 2007. Take his comments last month about how forensic scientists are pseudo-scientists with a political agenda.
    But even leaving the concept of idiocy and corruption out of it, if we leave him in office he will continue to cut funding to basic services such as healthcare and education. Texas is #48 on the 2007 education week chance for success index. Texas has more uninsured than any other state in the country. I really mean it when I say anyone is better than Perry. ANYONE, but I'd rather have Kay Baily Hutchinson than Kinky Freidman.