Monday, November 9, 2009

Just Met with Andrew Laska and....

wow. smart. nice teeth. but aside from all that.....
this is basically an illustration of what I took away from the meeting:If Richardson does not address the issues at Spring Valley, Dallas will creep in, and not slowly either. It's happening all over the U.S. and whether we're racists or not, we're totally predictable.

So Canyon Creekers- if y'all don't like Mexicans, ya better help The Heights out now, otherwise Richardson will become the next Oak Cliff.

...which is fine by me, because well, Oak Cliff-that's my hood.

Bottom Line: We are the first neighborhood that will have to deal with this and if we do not invest in the solution now and handle it correctly The Heights neighborhoods will go by the wayside and then it'll be your subdivisions turn to figure it out.

This does not mean adding 'doucheblight' as someone so eloquently said on the DMN blog (by the way, love the word, of course) like I originally thought. It simply means figuring out a way, with the help of super smart development genius' to seamlessly make this transition on Richardson's ghetto flagship, if ya will.


  1. Someone had better get friendly with the Dallas people in order to make a plan to simultaneously tackle the problem on the South Side Hamilton Park Area, South of Spring Valley because like I have been saying, until you change the South Side, polish the turd on our side all you want and nothing will change. However, polish both turds...

    I have been hearing this for years that once the High Five is completed, the area will develop all by itself, starting from directly adjacent the ^5. "the property will be too valuable to sit cheap apartments on".

    So far all I see is a new field that the COR created from some dilapidated apartments, if the property was all that valuable, why didn't the owners do something to avoid the condemnation and subsequent loss of the land?


  2. Be careful here, Destiny, when talking with AL. He is a Richardson Coalition guy; a real Chuck Eisemann lackey. Don't drink the kool-aid!

  3. Koop (the dallas CC person) wants to work with richardson. talked to her about it. richardson probably will not want to work with her. she will make them all look stupid with he snap. how sad.

  4. I guess I am rather confused by all of the hype around the Spring Valley area.

    There seems to be a pause in time that no one else is aware of, since the same tired dialogue has gone on since the 1980's. That is nearing more toward three decades of hype and no results! And the more the same tired dialogue goes on, the more truthful is that dialogue in what you see happening to that area moving northward. So does that mean no one knows or understands what do other than try to control the situation? Or is it all the "controlling the situation with ordinances" has led to more decline? What kind of re-development just hasn't happened and what are the obstacles? It has been 30 yrs guys. There are reasons why re-development has not happened and it would be really special to hear an honest dialogue about it. If you build it, they will come doesn't seem to work in Richardson unless a huge bag of taxpayer cash is part of the deal.

    Look at the budget and the ordinances created and you will see all kinds of clues to some of the issues facing our community. If you allow this council to continue to build 10yr products (ie. condos and apartments and 4 plex townhomes) with all kinds of taxpayer monies, the same complaints will continue 10yrs from now.

    I call it the "doing as you have always done" rule and expecting different results. So how how much insanity is enough? And how far in controlling the people around you is too much? The cast of charaters may change slightly over the years, but the game seems to stay the same.