Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Last Night's Council Meeting....

Ok, so I wrote this blurb last night, but I feel like I should expound a bit.

The 5-minute rule was not unfair to last night's presenters. The fact that they were having to present during the visitors section is what was unfair. They should have been alloted time on the agenda, because Lord knows, we've all been hearing about this issue for months in the visitors section.

Obviously it's time that the city show some respect and at least hear them out, try to formulate a solution and come to an agreement. And while not everyone will like it, at least the neighborhoods can feel like they were heard. At this rate though, Richardson is making some real enemies. Allowing people to feel like they were "wronged," just because you don't want to involve them, is not the best way to handle this issue. There may be little that can be done, but at least show them the respect of listening and working with them. After all, this is their home, and this does effect their quality of life, which at one point on the campaign trail, many of you cared about.


  1. Well, in any muni process, the deck is stacked against the citizens. The 5 minute rule isn't a problem, UNLESS citizens are dealing with a "fixed" (corrupt) city government. I would submit that's exactly what COR is.

    It torturous to see the same resident, week after week, get up to discuss concerns about the transfer station. It can't be an agenda item. Duh. The citizen comments become part of the official record, and that has a very different level of impact, at least as far as the SAG office is concerned.

    Let's talk reality. Gary has already decided, and no doubt, done another under the table deal for this transfer station. (That, of course didn't happen within the limits of the defined legal muni proces, but this is Richardson. What of import does?) He's already told his council minions what to do, how to vote, and just how to spin it. Right now, his only concern is pulling the trigger without getting splatter on him.

    It's okay, Gary...you can go clean yourself off now.

  2. That station was there long before that neighborhood, so those people knew the transfer station was there when they moved in.

    That's my attitude and I'm sure it's the attitude of the council as well. While the council may agree to work with the neighborhoods and NTMWD make the transfer station a better neighbor, they are not going to reduce it's size and they are not going to remove the station altogether (which is what the Owens Park people really want). You can't just think of the now. You have to think 25 to 30 years into the future, and by then the transfer stations up north will be at full occupancy and won't be able to take Richardson trash, so we need that station to be there for when that day comes.

    If they didn't want to live next to a transfer station they shouldn't have moved to that neighborhood. I'm tired of hearing about it...

  3. How much power does the city government have to resist the NTMWD juggernaut? They spin it like they have no say.

    Living in Owen's Park, it's a little irritating to get blown off like this. I don't understand what the City itself is getting out of this agreement aside from more trash from neighboring cities.

  4. Having attended various Owen's park meetings, I can tell you that removal of the transfer station has never been brought up. The concern is with the expansion of the site. There have already been issues with smell and loose trash blowing around. Residents want assurances that increasing the size of the station will not cause even more issues with these types of problems.

    Is that not a reasonable request?

  5. Folks, this is about power, corrupt power. Slagel was insulted that anyone - the lowly residents, or, heaven forbid, another council member - would ever question him, the Great Slagel. You Owens Park folks are foolish to be patient with the Great Deceiver.

    You see, in Slagel's world, the wheels are totally coming off. With constant allegations of impropriety and ethics violations against him, Slagel is in "lock-down mode". Funny thing, here, is that he blames everyone ELSE for his problems; people are just "out to get him". Right? WRONG, Gary, folks are just sick of you continuing to embarrass this city with your actions - and they are ready for you to leave.

    I highly doubt that the Richardson Coalition will fund another $70,000 to put Gary back in office in 2011 - after all, to only get 54% of the vote, after spending this much money and being in office for 22 years, ain't too good. I hear that many of these folks are getting sick of Slagel as well.

    Hopefully, this will be one dinosaur that will retire after this term. If not, hopefully, he will be retired.

  6. Anon@ 7:20...I'm calling bullshit. Yes, the transfer station was there before the subdivisions, in fact, wasn't all of Spring Park a landfill? Duh. The residents are thinking about 25, 30 years in the future. The fact is that Richardson is landlocked. With limited space we can't take on mass quantities of Plano's industrial waste while preserving the quality of life for the TAXPAYERS who live near the transfer station. The NTMWD has a CRAPPY reputation in regards to the needs of the people who live around their facilities. Half of Frisco smells like roadkill thanks to them. Ask the residents on Old Mill Road in McKinney about the mess NTMWD left behind when they moved the facility to 121. And, while you're at it...ask those folks around 121 how NTMWD handled that deal. The landfill wasn't there when those people moved out there, and the NTMWD basically told them to shut the eff up.

    FACT: A long time Richardson resident owned many of the facilities that morphed into the NTMWD. (He's long since gone.) But the relationship between the COR and NTMWD go back DECADES, have roots in Gary's hood, and is another example of the reckless influence residents are forced to live under.

  7. Attention Owens Park, Sherrill Park North/Foxboro, and Duck Creek: Gary Slagel cares nothing for you. The only neighborhood he cares about is Canyon Creek - sorry.

    The only way you'll get control of this is to VOTE - and I mean vote Slagel OUT in 2011. It's very doable. All you have to do is get organized NOW.

    Who do you think is behind the refusal to release the NTMWD report to the city - Gary Slagel. Who made the decision to get an AG opinion on it - Gary Slagel. This guy is BAD for our neighborhoods and our city as a whole.

  8. The Mayor does not live in Canyon Creek.

  9. Really? I thought he did too. Is he in Prairie Creek?

  10. slagel lives on Bunker Hill, which is close to UTD.

  11. Cottonwood Creek. Different neighborhood association from Canyon Creek.