Saturday, November 21, 2009

Mark took the blame for most of it...

as he rightfully should. :)

I however lame lay claim *cue dog lifting let on hydrant* to this line: "Others have brought up issues of ethnicity. This too is misplaced if not a ignorant and insulting criticism."

That was all me Steger, so step off.
(you're the 'other' blog)

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  1. Actually I didn't name names because this is about ideas, positions, and facts and not persons. Many of my responses were specific but some were aimed at cheap anonymous attacks.

    I'll give you one thing though. I am open to meeting people face to face and discussing issues. You and I did so as you noted in a previous entry. I would also be willing to meet Mark and any of the anonymous people as well.

    Mark deserves credit. Yes, I disagree with some of his takes. The record of both the visitor's section where we started and the full work session answers some of his comments in every literal sense. Even so he said, "After all, I'm sitting in my pajamas in my basement blogging about it. And they are absolutely working on the right problem. Finally, they are polite. ... More like this, please."

    I'll take that.