Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Mr.Omar, today you slip back into complete irrelevance.

Amir Omar is no longer the Volunteer of The Year....mainly because now someone else is.

So, Amir who? Exactly.


  1. Anon, you leave your name and I'll leave your comment.

  2. I read the comments before you deleted them; they appeared accurate to me. Sounds like you have just drank the coalition kool-aide, Destiny. This just shows how much you are, in fact, being used - and deluded by Amir. That's his job on the council, it appears - neutralizing the opposition.

    Granted, this is your blog - but it becomes a very slippery slope when you start deleting comments. To be consistent, I hope that you continue to use this kind of "discretion" on other comments that you don't like. This way, anyone who posts out here knows that it's likely that their comments will be censored - and probably deleted - by you, the owner of this blog, particularly if they involve your buddy, Amir.

  3. The comment (singular) that I delete was simply inaccurate and cowardice. It threw out random accusations, did not bother to back any of them up with examples and then was only attributed to 'Anonymous.'

    If Amir Omar does something that I disagree with, like he has in the past, then I will be the first to bring that to everyones attention, like I have in the past.

    But pestering ramblings that in no way edify my blog or its readers are a waste of time for us all.

    I say rude things on here too, but you know what, I also put my name next to them. So say whatever it is you want to say about Amir, just sign it Barb....or whoever you are.

  4. PS-I said Chuck was going to eat my baby.....I'm pretty sure they have a picture of me stuck up above their pile of puppy dog skins that is clearly marked 'Don't give this woman any kool-aid, we don't want her!'