Monday, November 16, 2009

The Planets Aligned Tonight....

What are the odds that I'd be at a Press Club happy hour this evening and none other than Judson Stafford of Murphy Turner & Associates (the d-bags responsible for all the coalition candidate's mailers) would sit down and start chatting me up?!?!? Fabulous guy, looks exactly like Wayne Arnold from The Wonder Years. Like seriously. To the point of full creepy-outness.

Anyway, he and I agreed on the following: Amir-Nice, The Murph-Kinda Nice, Slagel- Wayne Arnold: "Great guy" Destiny: "have I used the word 'Douche-bag' yet this week?"

Thank goodness his pal Michael Flusche arrived just in time to provide some comic relief. His feelings on Amir-Nice, The Murph-Undecided, Slag-"You do realize that Judson gets paid to endorse people, right?"


Judson "Wayne Arnold" Stafford is a PR prostitute. Nice guy. Republican. Gunning for Steph Carter for State Rep, who, as a non-PR-whore I will say, on the record, IS AWESOME! Abrahm went to highschool with her and she is the GREATEST!


  1. And Steph Carter would be running for . . . .?

  2. whoops-state representative, Carol Kent's seat.

  3. And that's why the media types in the press club hate the PR types. Unless they have an open tab.

  4. like ur hair in that pic D.!!! u stand out from the crowd.

  5. Actually the Press Club has many wonderful people from all walks of life and all occupations. I should know, I am both a journalist and a PR person.

    Why does everything have to become political anyway?

  6. Why? because we like you...M..O..U..S..EEeeee!

  7. Anon at is impossible to be BOTH a journalist and a PR person. Were you absent the day they taught that in journalism school?

    PR is called "the dark side" for a reason.

    Now, go re-hash a press release and sell the public on a scare tactic.

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