Thursday, November 19, 2009

Warning: Collin County - Watch Out For Snakes!

"The most popular explanation I've heard for the investigation against Willis is that the DA and his chief assistants do not want Judge Willis to become the next District Attorney - they believe that if he is elected, he will "clean house" by replacing many of the lead prosecutors.

Local attorneys point to what they say is a history of using grand juries for intimidation by DA Roach and Chris Milner, the Chief of the District Attorney's Special Crimes Division."

Click here to read more @ The Collin County Observer.


  1. What a shameful abuse of power up here in Collin Co. These "public servants" need to be called out on this and investigated and removed from power. Sounds like somebody needs to clean house in Collin Co....then head down to Richardson City Hall. Hey Greg Abbott....where are you???

  2. Is John Roach, Sr. the DA clearing the way for his son John Roach, Jr. (who is a judge) to be the next DA? It appears that daddy is using taxpayer resources to knock down opponents and clear the way for the family to keep its political power.

  3. Whoops, I meant "Eegah!"