Saturday, November 21, 2009

Gobble Hobble '09

Who would've thought a day that started before 6am, while it was still dark and cold, would have turned out to be such a blast!

To those of you who have never participated in the Gobble Hobble before I highly recommend doing it next year! Whether you run/walk/volunteer you're sure to have a great time! (I promise a PR rep for the Gobble Hobble did not just write that...but maybe they should hire me)

Chief Spivey was there, of course, and Amir with his stroller...

and also Deputy City Manager Dan Johnson (who was wearing a hat, otherwise I DEFINITELY would've recognized him). I didn't have my camera ready when I saw him, so please enjoy this photoshop rendering. IMO, it's spot on.There were tons of ADORABLE kids...A lot of faux fur......and even more not so faux fur was also on display....(I have a fabulous picture of this guy either doing yoga or stretching, just e-mail me if you'd like to see it)

But not everything was sunshine, lollipops & rainbows unfortunately, a flasher was taken into custody right before the race began...Ba-da-chhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

And then they were off!While the run/walkers did there thing I went to go have my picture taken with the Official Gobble Hobble mascot. {picture withheld do to bad smiling angle-ness} Obviously I'm 12.

Then before we knew it, the runners where headed for the finish line.

These two guys kept jetting ahead of one another, but finally 673 took the lead and won!As for the Man with Stroller division, your honorable city councilman came in first place.
Another person deserving of some honorable mention was this guy, 1474, I have never seen anybody arm pump more feircely in my life...And one more honorable mention for this guy, for having the most awesome hair I think I have ever seen...
Abrahm, take notes, this is totally what I want you to do once a few more of those grays start showing up. (btw, happy 32nd b-day!-a day late)

What a great event!!!

*Also, on a side note- Corblog, I think I finally got to the bottom of all that superfluous overtime pay....puppets.....with car allowances.


  1. Very respectable time but where's the civic pride Overall Finisher #91?

  2. With a reporter like you, who needs the DMN? Good job Destiny.

  3. hey, destiny, you should change your blog to "conserve and protect...Amir Omar". What gives?

    You get it right on practically everything else, but not on this guy. I hear that this guy is just a "machine" who will step over - or attempt to charm, in your case - anyone who crosses his path. I've been told that he hasn't even lived in Richardson a year, and in an apartment, no less. No one seems to know his agenda (other than higher office) or where he came from. I have heard his personal life is a mess.

    Also, Omar told so many people he was independent, but look at his votes, look at his questions (or lack of questions). I've watched him in council meetings - a total Slagel puppet. I guess he doesn't want to offend the Richardson Coalition - which is probably a smart move becuase, had it not been for them, he'd be still living in Dallas as a big-time congressional loser.

    Wake up, destiny. You're mama taught you better. -tough love

  4. I can't help it that Amir is the only one ever out doing stuff around town aside from Mitchell, who I also post on here quite a bit.

    But you're right, it's not fair, I'll start showing up at Luby's around 4:30 everyday so that I can spread some of the blog coverage to the rest of the council.....

    Thanks for the feedback!

  5. Point taken - I just hate what the Richardson Coalition did in the last election - to the prior council and mayor - to put Slagel back in power! And, Amir blindly went a long with it.

    Seriously, I had an open mind about this guy, but he has proven to be exactly what folks have said negatively about him. Voting to put ethics challenged Slagel back as mayor...what was he thinking? Sure, he asks some basic questions, but he has NOT followed through on anything in the way of holding Slagel accountable for his actions - and he isn't going to. He is just one of THEM.

    Yeah, you might try Luby's at 4:30 p.m. for the 80-year old councilMEN, and any place that might help their businesses (capital projects tracking, insurance, printing) for the rest of them.

  6. He voted for Slagel. Bad move, I agree with that, but over the last few months I have also seen him nudge others in the right direction (against their will at times) regarding certain issues, and I do believe he is a big part of the reason we had streaming council meetings so early on and the ONLY reason we have streaming work sessions at all.

    And while we're on the subject, pick any other council member, at random, say Bob Townsend- What has he done for the city so far this term? What about Slag? What about Murph? Dare I say, Macy? Amir seems to stay under a magnifying glass that all of the others manage to avoid when it comes to the 'what has he done to prove himself' question.

    But either way, what it comes down to is he's easy blog fodder b/c honestly he's VERY involved....and I need stuff to write about. :)

  7. C'mon Destiny, please stop drinking the Amir kool-aid. The streaming video/web casting had been studied already, and ALL of the candidates said that it would be a top priority - not sure why you give Amir top billing on this, unless he has fed you the line that he was the champion on it. Yeah, right. Too bad, the other 6 say that they were the champs, too!

    How has Amir nudged anyone in any direction on "certain issues"? Seriously, please provide some examples here as to what issues - I'm sure that if you don't have them, then Amir would be glad to supply them. The only direction he ever goes is glad-handing Slagel and cozying up to him.

    Aside from this, you're right about Townsend, Murph, Slag, Macy - they've done NOTHING. Solomon, next to Macy, is the worst. They are just puppets of Slagel. The only thing that Slagel has done in the last 6 months has been continue to ignite controversy in this city. When will this poor old soul just leave?

  8. During the forums EVERYONE "wanted" more transparency, but if you believe that they are as corrupt as you say they are (and I also believe they are) then wouldn't TRANSPARENCY lead to them being busted even more often and ON RECORD at that? Of course it would, which is why as soon as the election was over the issue was all but dropped.

    Amir & Steve kept pushing for it, but as for the 'good ole' boys,' they never intended on actually seeing it through, as proven by that exorbitant first bid they had last term. What was it $250,000?

    Then suddenly, a year later, because of Amir's background in technology he was able to meet with the CIO, research the new technology out there (a staff cameraman vs. the command center recording we have now which our neighboring cities use), and bring it to the council. He presented them with an alternative that was 1/5 the original cost, and how could anyone say no to that? Well, I'll tell you, they sure tried.

    I was at that meeting. Amir and Steve excluded, the other 5 were dragging their feet b/c they knew it would only lead to more city involvement, and ultimately MORE TRANSPARENCY(duh!). But do to Amir's diligent work behind the scenes, we have streaming council meetings AND work sessions today.

    You can say I drank the Amir kool-aid, whatever, I WAS THERE, I WATCHED IT HAPPEN, so you either weren't there or you are just lying to yourself.

    And you know what the sucky part is, because I always get so much crap about bragging on Amir, I never posted about that. And after hearing that the two most hurtful things ever said about him both came from the comment sections on MY blog I actually try not to talk about him very much at all. But bottom line, this guy is INVOLVED in everything! Much more than ANY OTHER council member, and y'all don't even know the half of it. I can't write about city happening and NOT write about him. So rather than bagging on him all the time and waiting for him to blow up city hall or whatever the hell y'all are worried about him doing, why don't you realize he probably wants to do good by us so that he CAN move up politically in the future (big freaking deal) with a good reputation and thank your lucky stars that you're not looking at another 22 year councilman here!

    I swear, you're damned if you do, damned if you don't in this town. Get over it!

  9. p.s. I am sure I will apologize for my tone in the morning, but I am CERTAINLY not ready to yet.

  10. Destiny, honey, I just read the comments above and you make some good points. However, Amir Omar is VERY controversial - and somewhat unpopular in a number of circles - in this city, given (1) the minimal length of time he's lived here, (2) his unknown or questionable agenda, (3)his alliance with Gary Slagel and his Richardson Coalition, and, (4)from what I hear, his extremely rocky personal life.

    I think that this is why folks have taken you task on this. I don't know how someone smart like you who is so outspoken against what Gary Slagel and the Richardson Coalition stands for can support Amir, who is so clearly aligned with them. You shouldn't care so much about what Amir SAYS to you (on why he isn't supposedly aligned with Slagel); just look at his actions. When you do that, it paints a very clear picture of where his allegiances lie.

    And, yes, lets hope we don't have to wait 22 years before he moves on, like we have had to do with Slagel and Murphy - although, with them, it will probably be a lot longer.

  11. So far, him voting for Gary is the only "coalition-y thing" I've seen. Aside from that I have witnessed him nudging the coalition candidates when they didn't want to be. So no, nothing is CLEAR to me. And I'm not going to dislike Amir just because that's what others have told me to do. Believe me, I get pressured a lot more from you all to not like him than I do from anyone in the coalition to like him. So the complacent thing to do here would be to jump on y'alls bandwagon.

    And, I'm sorry, but 2 divorces does not qualify as all that rocky these days. We've had worse run in the past with y'alls full endorsement and we have worse now actively serving on the council.

  12. Nicely said, Destiny. I've watched Amir myself. A likeable but extremely complicated fellow - selectively friendly to the point where he appears to be insincere. While I hope that his intentions towards you are sincere, please remember that, to him, you are "the press". Why wouldn't he do what he could to get positive PR?

    Not sure what you have seen in the way of "nudging". Like what has been mentioned above, could you provide some examples? I have witnessed him agreeing and shaking his head in support of most things that Gary Slagel says during council meetings. So, if he isn't in lock step with Gary Slagel, then he probably should refrain from shaking his head "yes" so much when Slagel talks.

    Also, during the campaign, in order to "woo" Stewart supporters, Amir made lots of promises about cleaning things up and not supporting Gary Slagel. So far, he is 0 for 2 - and, Destiny, it isn't because he has met resistance. I just don't see him making any effort to follow through.

    Amir fooled some of us in SE Richardson last election, but he won't again. I hear that Stewart may run again to reclaim his seat. If he does, then he'll have a lot of support in my neighborhood.

  13. First of all, we're what, 6 months in? Give the guy a chance to prove himself. I think you'll be pleasantly surprised with what he's working on. As for Stewart, I like Dennis, but he said it himself 'incumbents are almost ALWAYS re-elected' and unfortunately that will not work in his favor this next round. I think he'd do best going for seat 5.

    (as for nudging, I believe he 'nudged' on the DRMC thing)

  14. Amir is a young, energetic, photogenic politician who participates in many public events. It would be weird if he /didn't/ get coverage. It's not entirely obvious to me when the man sleeps.

    I do agree that Amir is controversial/unpopular in some circles; that is hardly proof of his lack of fitness or suitability. I have an uncomfortable feeling that Mr. Omar is a lightning rod for unsavory and xenophobic tendencies in our little burg. As it was most succinctly put by Anais, "We do not see things as they are; we see things as we are."

    One last thought: COR will not be governed by the Good Ole Boys club forever. Demographic trends at the council level are a lagging indicator, but the representation that Mr. Steger wishes for is certainly coming. We can count ourselves lucky if the new faces are of the caliber of Mr. Omar. I'd vote for him again tomorrow if there were another election then.

  15. Destiny, not sure what you mean by "nudged" on the DRMC thing - if my memory serves me correctly, once Slagel came back and said he'd "reconsidered", didn't Amir then try to snag the DRMC away from the prior mayor? So, I guess he tried to "nudge" it his direction?

    Bloggermouse, you're right, time will only tell on Amir Omar. I don't believe that the comments here are xenophobic in nature. Most people could care less about a person's race or religion; I certainly don't. Sadly, some folks try to make it about these two aspects, particularly if they disagree. Not the case here.