Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Wild Bill's got a new gig over at The Richardson Echo

I only tell you this because I'm one of them now, a Coalition Crony that is. After meeting with Laska the other night they just let me right on in (a lot easier than I thought it'd be). So anyway, unless I want Chuck Eisemann to eat my youngest child I have to promote my fellow cronies. Look it's very complicated. Bottom line, if you like Eddie and want to see her live a long and prosperous life, you'll just check this out...

Wild Bill's City Council For Dummies


  1. Always so good to hear old wise one wax on and on about the city. No one is sure what John Murphy has promised McCalpin to his heavy lifting - other than, perhaps, his council seat when Murph 12 years! Thank the Lord for term limits.

  2. "...the Council might think less of the complaint if the citizen did not pursue the normal channels first..."
    "... The public is permitted to speak..."
    Rolling on the floor Laff!!

    Hope you don't end up drinking the same Kool-aid they drink!! Watch your step.

    That term limit crap was phunny!

  3. Has Chuckles un-banned you from his facebook/twitter page?

  4. That would be a negative, Demetri.

  5. Perhaps my dummy status is confirmed (again), but I was grateful for Bill's overview of the council meeting process. I thought the content was pretty neutral and informative IMO.

    For example I learned "the [worksession] Visitors agenda item is only on days in which there is no Council meeting that follows." I knew there had to be a reason it was there in some worksessions and not in others, but hadn't put 2+2 together yet.

    Thanks, Bill! (seriously, not being a smart aleck for once)

  6. Let's just pray he stays over there with ponytail.

  7. William J. 'Bill' McCalpinNovember 19, 2009 at 9:49 AM

    Destiny, thanks for the reference. And bloggermouse, you are most welcome!