Wednesday, December 23, 2009

According to Murph he hasn't been this chiseled since LAST Christmas...


  1. What has been seen cannot be unseen!

  2. You mean "obscene", right?

  3. Very fitting that John Murphy would "pose" with a plate of food in his hand. That's his favorite part of the Monday city council night - the food. And, if he can get a sound byte in for DMN's Ian, even better.

    Glad that they have the heart "paddles" close by with all of those old geezers like Murphy on that council - you never know when one of them might just keel over.

    Seriously, Bob Macy and Bob Townsend fall asleep so much during the meetings due to them being over 80 that those who sit next to them have to periodically check to see if they are breathing.

    Ho, Ho, Ho. Welcome to Richardson!

  4. Destiny, honey, that picture of John Murphy made me and my girlfriends here at the retirement center blush!

    Seems like last time I saw John Murphy - when he was begging us to vote for him instead of that bright young lady named Chris Davis - he was SO heavy; I mean really obese. I guess that is what 25 years on the council will do to you.

    How did he get his body in such sculpted shape, given how OLD he is? Is there anyway you can make some calendars for us. Even though we don't particularly like him since he is Gary Slagel "puppet, John Murphy is our new "pin up".

  5. I would gouge my eyes out, but I'm waiting until I see GAS nude. Then, I'll do it.

  6. Next thing you know, Bob Townsend and Bob Macy are going to want to be photographed without THEIR shirts.

    OMG - I can't think of anything more disgusting than seeing 2 82-year men bare chested - unless you are comparing them to Gary "Slago-jecvich", which would have to be the worst.

    Welcome to the "new" face of Richardson - senior capital of North Texas - families and young professional need not move here.

    I'll take Mitch or carpetbagger Amir any day over these guys.

  7. We at the Richardson Coalition thank you for the photo of John Murphy. That's great.

    We think that you should hightlight some of the other council members in this way, like Bob Macy, Mark Solomon, or Bob Townsend - without their shirts. Even thought they are in their 70's and 80's, they still have big bellies.

    We are just thankful that they are still alive so that they can push our Richardson Coalition "senior" agenda. You know, more senior housing, nursing homes, retirement centers, and a whopping SENIOR TAX freeze - less of that stuff that brings young people to our community - they are NOT welcome. And, those under-65 can pay for our freeze.

    We at the Richardson Coalition want Richardson to be the community that it was in 1950's when we moved here - except with a population of seniors. Why do we need any new ideas? Things have worked just fine here for the last 55 years!

    Though our elderly Richardson Coalition group has dwindled to around 8 - with some going to the "home" and others passing on - we want our remaining few years to ones where we continue to run this city. We probably have atleast one more good fight in us!

    -RC Charter member

  8. All I know is when I see Murph at a local eatery, I know it's going to be good!

    And I think it's great that he was such a good sport about this, sending me his head shot and all, fully aware of what I planned on doing with it, so take it easy on him.

    Sometimes I feel as if I'm just feeding wolves on here...

  9. Be careful, Destiny, John Murphy is no saint in santa's clothing - he's a wolf in sheep's clothing. Don't be fooled by his "charm". Ho-ho-ho, he's so jovial - WRONG. Like others on the council, this guy lies so much I don't know he keeps his story straight. His district is in shambles, yet this guy continues to get re-elected (with the help, of course, of Canyon Creek-based Richardson Coalition).

    He'd do anything - anything - to keep that council seat because it is his LIFE. You'd think that he'd get the message that maybe - just maybe - he needs to think about leaving (i.e. not running again). He's barely beat back stiff opposition (with Mrs. Davis being the best of the lot) the last three elections. One of these days, he might not be so lucky. We can only hope. Stay tuned - plans are unfolding...

  10. Yeah, and, maybe, when Murphy leaves, he can take Slagojevich with him!

    Why in the world did that prior council ever agree to "grandfather" Slagel and Murphy on the term limits? Clearly, voters said that 12 years was enough by their overwhelming support for term limits - last time I checked, Slagel had served 23 years and Murphy 19 years. Note to Slag and Murph - this item on the charter election was about YOU!

    You know, it isn't surprising - Slagel has no regard for laws or ethics, so why would he - or Murphy - care about what voters have said about turn limits?

    One would think that, while Slagel and Murphy are free to run for 5 more 2-year terms, by them continuing to do so, violates the SPIRIT of term limits. But, who cares, right?

  11. for them, rules are made to be broken, or flat ignored.

  12. To the RC Coalition charter member (te-hee), wanted to comment on the line: "We at the Richardson Coalition want Richardson to be the community that it was in 1950's when we moved here."

    People forget that in the 1950s, Richardson was like Highland Park. This city was the gem of north Texas.

    Look what Eisemann, Slagel and the Richardson Coalition have done to this beautiful city! LOOK WHAT THEY'VE DONE TO IT! And now, half of our public school kids get free lunches because they're close to the poverty line. Give Eisemann a couple more years and he'll turn Richardson into Balch Springs or South Oak Cliff.

    Eisemann cares about his chi-chi little neighborhood and the rest of our city can go to Hell, in his opinion. People, you've got to wake up and work next election - really, REALLY work - or Eisemann and his henchmen will complete the job of destroying Richardson.

  13. @anonymous at 7:56 p.m. - you are SO right. Chuck Eisemann, Gary Slagel, and their elderly band of Richarson Coalition members have RUINED this city.

    Honestly, they don't care if it looks like Balch Springs or South Oak Cliff - which parts of it do - in the next few years, because they will have passed away due to their advanced ages!