Tuesday, December 1, 2009

City Hall Open To Open Records Job Opening

....and if I heard Keff correctly, it pays 56k including benefits. As someone who has never once made an open records request I think I should be eligible to apply....well, except for my lack of clerical skill and my inability to deal with all the record requesting kooks in this city. Oh, no wait! I have both of those. Yeah, I'm definitely a shoe in.
(kooks -n. meaning: my friends - see also: term of endearment)

In related news, Bob Macy of course had something to say about this new open record retriever position, it rambled along the lines of 'but is there a way to figure out EXACTLY how much money it costs us to fulfill these requests for those people?' And while his question took a good 2-3 full minutes to ask, the council basically treated him like a visitor and refused to respond, moving on to another question.

That's one way to put out a fire.

And speaking of fire-what's this about our City Council riding on a fire truck for the Christmas parade this saturday? To me a better use of tax payer money would be something more along these lines...But hey, putting out Macy fires is just as noble a feat I would assume.


  1. 56k!!!!! Thats obscene. I wonder which city official's relative is going to land this job =)

  2. Hey, Dest you should definitely apply. Seriously. As you said, you have no clarical skills, no records management experience, and no patience to deal with the 'record requesting kooks'. That makes you uniquely qualified for the position since that is kind of service that the residents are used to getting at city hall from Bill Keffler and his staff. If you are good at 'stonewalling', 'stalling', 'delaying the process', then you are a cinch in getting the job!

  3. OMG - I watched the video of the council meeting where Bob Macy spent 5 minutes trying to ask a basic question. He just never could put the words together, and his comments didn't even make total sense. Slagel, knowing that he can't piss off one of his puppets too much, just sort of moved on after what seemed like a 5 minute silence in the room. You're right, they treated him like a visitor by simply not responsing and moving on. This guy has got to go - even more than puppet Omar.

  4. @ Anonymous 12:40,

    Stonewalling, stalling, & delaying the process-fabulous! Adding those to my application right now. Thanks!

    Btw, Dale Carnegie said you should never shorten someone's name unless you know them well and they tell you it's ok, otherwise it comes across as disingenuous and presumptuous. (my brother's the only one who ever called me 'Dest')

  5. Destiny, honey, you go girl. You should apply for the job - why not? Do they still hire women at city hall, or has Chuck Eisemann and the Richardson Coalition prohibited that as well? I know that they won't support women for city council, so why should city staff be any different. Maybe, you should call Chuck and ask him? Or, maybe his buddy Amir Omar can call him. I am told that they talk often.

  6. @Destiny - sorry for appearing disingenuous or presumptuous by shortening your name. It was my attempt, in the blogosphere, to be friendly. Tell you what, if I can call you
    'Dest', you can call me 'Anony'.

    Here are more qualifications that the ideal candidate should have for the job: 'vague', 'deceptive', 'evasive', and 'narrow interpretation of records request'.

  7. Dale Carnegie told me you would say that. :)

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  9. Dangit! Did the short-url-thingy wrong. That's the kind of day I'm having...

    I meant: http://tinyurl.com/ykan9sy
    is where I would expect to see the job show up.

  10. Ooohh. This looks like a job with a future:


  11. It is. It's good, honorable, and necessary work. It's a job that has more than a living wage, good benefits, and is with a quality organization. It's not employment that will disappear tomorrow.

    It sound like you mock the job but you'd miss these folks a lot and very quickly if they weren't there doing their jobs.

    (watching to see if you're naughty or nice)

  12. Not mocking the job.

    Tim Russert's dad drove a garbage truck (among other jobs).

    My dad was a bus driver.

  13. @Will - DRIVER/LOADER SOLID WASTE RESIDENTIAL. Seriously, this has a great future here in Richardson since the NTMWD plans to double the capacity of the Lookout Transfer Station. Sounds like it is going to be a booming business.

    Too bad the Owens Park, Sherril Park/Foxboro and Duck Creeks residents are going to need oxygen masks to control the smell and ear plugs to drown out all of the garbage truck traffic on Plano Rd. Maybe, they should take a dump over on Bunker Hill at Slagel's house?