Thursday, December 10, 2009

DCRP, DCNRC, AARP & RRWC's "Holiday Party" Extravaganza!

Tuesday Night there was basically a huge Republican mash-up at the Prestonwood Country Club, which I must say, was a stellar idea! I was able to hit 3 'holiday' parties with one babysitter. Next year if you could also include the Conservative Hispanic Society, Golden Corridor Republican Women and my Husband's company, I'll have it made in the shade.

It felt like EVERYBODY in local politics was there, and from the looks of the introduction line, the elected officials outnumbered us regular folks two to one.

Since I had to use my wine holding hand to take pictures I reserved such an honor only for my favorites, and here they are:

Will Hartnett who shows up every year at the Dallas March For Life.

Chris Davis and Steve Mitchell for obvious reasons.

Steve not only greeted us 'MERRY CHRISTMAS' but also signed off with a 'GOD BLESS AMERICA!'

David Smith, who surprisingly did not get boo-ed out of the room when he started harping on ol' Petey. A man after my own heart...Angie Chen Button, who totally took the cake for awkward moment of the evening (as shown in the horribly lit video below) when she asked all of her supporters to raise there hands, and both of them did.Steph Carter, I really think she should start opening up with a joke. She's so serious all the time, but hey that's just my opinion. Most Repubs like serious, I guess.And then my favorite, favorite, FAVORITE person running for congress (against EBJ), Pastor Stephen Broden who was very well liked by everyone in the room...I watched him pick a fight engage in a thought provoking discussion with a Planned Parenthood rep two summers ago, and I don't know if you can say this about a man of the cloth, but he is a total x10. He completely understands the minority population control aspect of abortion and is trying to wake up his community about this blatant form of racism.Here was my sign from that protest (Check out my shadow-it made the message so much more effective, ha!)But I digress. Another Eddie Bernice Johnson opponent (previously, of course) Amir Omar, showed up just in time to witness me belligerently schmoozing this button off of some poor volunteer's lapel, which I shall wear with pride!...even though there is some debate over whether or not it is cursed.Oh, and I also got a pic with Rob Schlein, president of the Log Cabin Republicans. He's fabulous, of course!And then, at the end of the evening I was asked to take some pics of the Richardson Republican Women swearing in their newest officers, which was pretty cool.All in all, I would say that this CHRISTMAS party was a huge success, and wine, so yeah.

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