Thursday, December 17, 2009

Mark Solomon You Are As Dead To Me As Those Fetus' You Eat!

(And like, duh, we already know you are a senior, no need to include that in your name)
So Tannery, it's up to you to talk some sense into him or you're dead to me too!


  1. What a GUY! The plate on his car may read "Place 2" for now, but next election it may read "2nd Place." Wouldn't that be so cool!

  2. David, he will always be a number 2 to me.

  3. I hear his Council mates don't have a very high opinion of his contribution level. It seems he's been a little too free with extending the perks to his family members and has been asleep at the switch in the Council chair. People are saying he is on the Council to build his insurance business. I thought the Mayor had the only claim on that gig. He's probably glad to have someone else to take the heat off him. I'd guess he doesn't mind. Insurance doesn't conflict with the software business. Just the same, if I hear another goofy laugh out of him over some silly comment he makes, I think I'll puke just to bring the discussion back into focus. We should count ourself lucky. After all, we could have someone who worked under Edwin Edwards instead of the respectable Soloman.

  4. Yeah, this guy is worthless - a real "Slagel" puppet. Totally out to lunch. On the upside, he completely understands his place on Slagel's council - that he is just a "yes" vote for Gary Slagel.

    Many of us who originally supported him are extremely disappointed. Solomon has taken no initiative on any issues; failed to get out in front on the Lookout Transfer Station or the PISD border issues, which are all in his district. This is quite a contrast to the Honorable Rhea Allison, who understood what needed to be done.

    What Solomon doesn't seem to understand is that he is the District 2 representative. Maybe, he thinks that Canyon Creek is somehow in this district. Well, the day of reconing will be coming soon for Mr. Solomon.

  5. Actually, I think that Mark Solomon did work for Edwin Edwards which might explain his "work ethic".

    Seriously, the first six months of Mark's "tenure" on the council have been a disaster. He's been awful. Many who voted for him thought that he'd bring a fresh voice, new ideas, and some independence to that council. WRONG - zero for 3.

    Although not quite as fast as Amir Omar to agree with Gary - definitely a close second with Macy - Mark does what Gary tells him to do. I have yet to hear Mark ask one single intelligent questions. C'mon, Mark, it's not that hard.

    Those of us in District 2 are already getting our candidate(s) ready to take Solomon on in May, 2011. He better hope and pray that those votes on the west side of town come in for him - or he'll be a gonner.

  6. Destiny, honey, I can't believe that Mark has "blocked" you on Twitter. Do you think that, maybe, Gary Slagel or Amir Omar told him to do that? Mark is really good at following orders, so that wouldn't surprise me.

    Honey, honestly, I'd just shrug it off and let Mark just Twitter in private.

  7. I was given at birth my father's exact name, but "Jr." was appended to it making clear I was not my father, but his son. My father needed no "SR." after his name.

    XYZ "Sr." is sometimes used if the son (XYZ Jr.)is as well known as the father. Mr. Solomon uses "Sr" in his email address supposedly to let emailers differentiate from mail directed to him as opposed to his son.

    In my book, its just fine for Mr. Solomon to call himself whatever he wishes - it's evident in the blogs other people call him whatever they wish.

  8. Destiny,

    So, Mr. Mark has blocked you. Is there something that you said that might have offended him or did he just not know who you are?

    I will have to investigate.

    All the best to you - Michael T

  9. I may or may not have said something about a fetus. I do not recall.

  10. My favorite Mark S (SR) moment so far is the reading of pool revenues..."they took in $212! that's great!"

    I thought, geez, Bill Keffler will have that spent by lunch tomorrow...

  11. @anonymous at 1:45 p.m. - LOL - actually, Keffler would have spent $212 ON lunch, then asked the city to reimburse HIM!

    From his perspective, do you know how hard it is to feed a family of seven on a salary of over $300,000/year....?! It just doesn't go as far as it did.

  12. Shouldn't be "Fetii"?


  13. You people just need to stop criticizing Mark Solomon. Like Amir Omar, we at the Richardson Coalition recruited Mark to run; Mark Solomon is our guy for District 2. As I have said before, our three leaders, Chuck Eisemann, Gary Slagel and NTMWD boardmember Ken Bell, bought and paid for this last municipal election fair and square.

    We at the Richardson Coalition couldn't be more pleased with Mark Solomon and his work on the council over the past six months; really stellar. Mark hasn't once questioned Gary - and has always supported our ethics-challenged leader. Like Amir Omar who "fibbed" to others for votes, Mark, long before the election, made it clear to us on who he was going to support on that mayor's vote: Gary Slagel. Nice fake-out.

    Mark's never asked any tough or significant questions - and most importantly, given Gary ALL of the credit for the good things, and taken ALL the blame for any bad. All in all, next to Amir Omar and Bob Macy, he's one of our favorite Gary Slagel "puppets".

    Although Mark had the opportunity to champion issues like the Lookout Transfer Station and the Plano ISD school boundary on the council, he, instead, did absolutely NOTHING to help those District 2 residents. Way to go. You see, they all live on the wrong side of town - the East side. Mark correctly believes that those Duck Creek residents are the worst. And, like Amir Omar, Mark understands that unless you live in the NW part of town, particularly Cottonwood Creek (Gary's neighborhood) or Canyon Creek, you voice doesn't matter.

    Even though you are the Eastside District 2 representative, Mark, keep up the good work of representing those who live on the WEST SIDE. After all, we pay more taxes than those east siders do, so we on the west deserve move of say/vote.

    -RC Charter Member

  14. I like your use of satire anon @ 6:00pm :)

  15. DC-TM, why do you spend all of your time trying to expose all the skeletons in this city? Lord knows that both Gary Slagel and Bill Keffler have plenty of them. Gary might even end up in prison as a result of it.

    You reporting all these skeletons causes everyone to start asking hard questions that we at the Richardson Coalition can't answer - given the advanced ages of our remaining 10 members, we can hardly remember yesterday, much less last year.

    By what you write, you act just like an East-sider - always questioning - even though you live on the West side. But, I forgot, you live down in that Southwest part of town - which is not as affluent as our our Canyon Creek neighborhoods. And, we at the Richardson Coalition want it to remain that way.

    If the apartments go away, our Cannyon Creek/Cottonwood Creek neighborhoods and schools might become less affluent, and the socio-econoic issues which you face might head our way. That would be bad.

    We at the Richardson Coalition don't want any changes.

  16. I am just right at home down here in SW Richardson. Will take this neighborhood over any other. It is not a slight to other neighborhoods with me saying that, it is just the people over here in my part of town are the best! But I am just a little biased about towards the people over here too.

    Keep the creative satire coming. Love it!