Thursday, December 10, 2009

My Three Favorite Words: YOU WERE RIGHT

Or in your case, I was right.

Put that in your pipe and smoke it, haters!

Now you might be wondering if I just said that in a condescending, snooty voice? And the answer would be yes. Yes, I did.


  1. You wear "snooty" much better than Sproull wears "snarky."

    Not a hater, but I am The Biased One.

  2. Rather than "haters" a better term would be "enlightened". Until you really take a look at all the fine print, one has no idea what has gone on. So to all those tea partiers, hello. I say thanks for waking up and smelling the roses no matter how "snarky" (gotta look up that word!) and voicing your distrust. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

  3. I have all the respect in the world for the tea partiers. I was referring to all of the people who told me NPR would not have been there filming.

  4. (in other words I was calling my friends and commenters 'Haters' ... That makes it better, right?)

  5. Fortunate accident: the system would not take the post I started around 7am and when it refreshed I got to see Destiny's 10:33am post.

    I had misinterpreted "I was right" to mean that the article was proof that NPR's coverage would be non-glowing, not that NPR was the filming entity.

    But since we have folks here that were actually at the event I'd like to hear their opinion of the article's coverage. I wasn't there, but here's my take, written when I had the wrong thing smoking in my pipe:

    === original, confused post follows===

    I thought the "tantrum, rant and hyperbole" language phrase used in the article was value-laden and counterproductive. But most of the rest of the article seemed pretty straight to me if I correctly understand the concerns and motivations of tea party folks.

    One might argue that Ms. Medina is not representative of the movement, although the conservative folks commenting on that article don't seem to be making that case.

    ==end, original confusion ===

    So for those of you that were there, is the article obnoxious, decent, ok, off-track, about as good as one can expect from the media, or what? I ask this because I have been interviewed a few times and each time the journalist has quoted me completely inaccurately and ridiculously (I think ignorantly not maliciously, based on the nature of the misquote).

  6. I am not a fan of that movement. I won't go into reasoning, but what I will say is that even with my bias, with the exception of that woman saying Obama never says anything good, I came away from that story with a better impression of the Tea Party people than I had before I listened to it.

    I didn't read the transcript, but in general, on that site the text is word for word from the audio story, so maybe something could be taken out of context, but noone was misquoted.

  7. Still would like to know--was there video
    of this story of which NPR used the audio, or was there just audio? Hoping to be enlightened.


  8. Read over my post. Noticed the time was 9:18. Time in Dallas at post was 11:18. Your server in the east or what?

  9. The server is in the west, I believe it's in CA somewhere.