Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Pete, Pete, Pete.....

Just one more reason.


  1. Pete Sessions is a douchebag, and I've voted for him more than once. He's totally out of control.

  2. I HAD a Congressman who was interested in his constituent's concerns, whether they were "on his side of the aisle" or not. His staff promptly and with courtesy returned phone calls, emails and letters. They rectified bureaucratic snafus and cut through bureaucratic indifference that befell constituents. This Congressman actually listened to the votors in his district. (Too bad we can't clone him and exchange him for the mostly entrenched Richardson Council that seems to view citizens with indifferece and disdain)

    Unfortunately, I don't have that Congressman anymore. I was re-districted into another district. You can probaly guess whose.

    Why don't I have that kind of Congressman any more? I was re-districted out of Sam Johnson's district into you know whose.

  3. Oh Sam Johnson IS the best!!! You're right.