Thursday, December 17, 2009

So as I was diligently surfing the People Of Walmart website....

I stumbled upon a few pictures that looked vaguely familiar and I thought this could make for a fun game.

Try and guess the local celebrity look alike!

4.Well, duh, the last one is me of course.....because I also have black hair and flippin love America.....and sports bras.

Btw, I can tell by the very fact you are here that you obviously like wasting time, so you must add this site to your list of daily vegetative nonsense: PeopleOfWalmart

Now get to guessing!


  1. "If I wanted to watch rednecks go around in circles I'd go to WalMart." -- some comic I don't remember.

    I find, as a heretic, that Sunday @ 9am is perfect WalMart time. Many folks are still either in attendance at their place of worship or nursing a hangover (or both, one supposes). Get your stuff, pay with no lines, and git. If you time it right you can be loading the trunk of the car and watch the human tidal wave start to fill the parking lot.

    Then again, I can't be too rough on the walmart/lakepeople crowd; as immortalized by Kid Rock:
    "I ain't straight outta Compton /
    I'm straight out the trailer".

  2. 1. Murphy
    2. Amir
    3. Cheryl Miller!

  3. Yikes, I just realized that I didn't word that last part well enough: I was trying to poke fun at my *own* trailer (and occasionally rural) upbringing.