Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Texas Tea, BBQ & NPR

So just by fluke Abe and I went to Spring Creek Barbeque tonight for dinner, and lo and behold the Tea Party folks were there also.

After we ate, I went and crashed their tea party so that I could get a pic of this guy who I had seen in line earlier.
How wonderful is he?!?! We both agreed that this latest beef between B.O. and Snoopy was just taking it way too far. What about the children?!?!?!

Anyway, as I was slipping out the door I overheard Ken Emanuelson telling someone that the camera crew (who had been filming in there the whole time) was actually NPR. Who wants to wager on just exactly how glowing a report they'll be giving on the Tea Party peeps, huh? Because OBVIOUSLY it'll be glowing, right?

{Abrahm's Table Side Observation: "There sure are a lot of baldies in this tea party."}


  1. Uh, well, just wondering....NPR filming???? I thought the R stood for radio, but whatever the Tea Party person told you just HAS to be accurate, no?

  2. I might have misheard, but NPR filming didn't strike me as odd. They're no longer confined just to radio in this day and age, heck, This American Life is on HBO! And I highly recommend checking it out on hulu. :)

  3. [wrote this earlier this AM but just submitting now]

    They may have confused NPR/KERA, since KERA is the call letters for both an Public Television and NPR affliliate.

    I wouldn't take the meta-article's word for NPR's journalistic practicices (the article was actually published by, self-proclaimed "headquarters for the conservative underground", which I suspect might not itself be right-down-the-middle neutral).

    Listen to some of the newscasts and see what you think (Totenberg's idiotic statements notwithstanding). I think BBC, NPR, and (to a lesser degree) CBC are solid news organizations. I do have many problems with NPR, but I am not convinced they have some dark agenda or 666 tattoos/barcodes in their collective hairline.

    For balanced viewpoints on NPR my preference is the "left, right, and center" show/podcast. One of the regulars on that show, Tony Blankley, has a gift for expressing nuanced, thoughtful, and convincing conservative opinion. He's an intellectual powerhouse of the type largely missing since the death of William. F. Buckley, Jr. The lefty compatriot is shrill annoying (imagine!).

    I hope this makes sense. I spent all day with 1st graders and my brain has turned to aspic. I am applying beer (homemade weizen out of a keg) to try to reverse the situation.

  4. Welcome to my world. I work very hard these days to even form coherent sentences 30% of the time.

    {And I just googled the words 'liberal' and 'NPR' and that was the first or second article listed-rest assured there were many}