Tuesday, January 5, 2010

And now for something completely different...

I'm getting a little bit burnt out. And you guys can probably tell. So rather than only putting up my half hearted stuff I'm going to mix in some quality observations by asking others to contribute (Anonymous or not) from time to time. Maybe I'll even number off the Anonymy so that y'all can tell me who you'd like to see more from and less from, I dunno.

Anyway, without further adieu here we go! All the way from Richardson Texas we have contributor #1 reviewing last nights work session....

Last night's Richardson City Council work session was fascinating.

A presentation from the Lehman Group about the current situation for redevelopment of the west Spring Valley Road corridor was eye-opening. In a nutshell, that area has tremendous potential because of its excellent location, natural amenities and the superb "brains and money" demographics of Richardson. That's the good news. The bad news is that the city will need to step up to the plate to address the issues of developers' perceptions of high crime and current disrepair of the area.

An even more fascinating was the City tap-dancing to defend a $100,000 consulting contract with former Legislator Fred Hill. By all accounts, Mr.Hill is an honorable man who did a wonderful job in the Texas Legislature for many years.

Leading off the meeting was rabble-rouser Nathan Morgan taking the Council to task for what RICHARDSON gets out of this two-year consulting contract. Mr. Hill then proceeded to give a folksy, long-winded account of how important it is to lobby Austin. He explained the coming budget storm that will be hitting cities, and talked about the plethora of bills that could
adversely effect cities. He gave a compelling case about why it's important to keep an eye on Austin during sessions of Texas Legislature session. He spoke of the need to keep taxes low. In Mr. Hill's presentation, he only forgot one thing.


During the hour-long presentation, he didn't once mention a single word of how his lobbying efforts directly benefitted Richardson. Not a word.

He described his love of his long-time home in Richardson, and the great Richardson schools that his children attended, and talked about what a great place that Richardson is to live. But he neglected to utter a single word about how his $100,000 consulting contract directly benefits Richardson.

After his presentation, City Manager Bill Keffler and several Council members stumbled over themselves in the rush to laud Mr. Hill for his service in the Legislature and the great job that he's doing as a lobbyist. But they neglected to mention one thing about his lobbying efforts.


In all the words about Mr. Hill's consulting work on behalf of Texas cities, neither Keffler or the Council members voiced a single word about the DIRECT benefit that Richardson has garnered from Mr. Hill's services.


  1. Honestly, you just keep on getting better.

  2. I think this is a great blog...sorry you're a bit burned out.

    This article was great! And, it really zeroed in on Hill's contribution which is a net-nothing for the residents. Good information.

  3. I was at the Council meeting and that blogger hit the nail on the head about what transpired. It was pretty comical how all the Council members went on and on about how great Fred Hill is... but said nothing about anything he has accomplished.

    "They doth protest too much!"

    Their manic attempts to defend the contract probably was Exhibit A that it's one more behind-the-scenes backroom deal for Slagel to repay his political cronies.

  4. Ok, so one vote for contributor #1! We shall call them Sarah Coulter. I'm glad you liked their piece! *submits tally mark*

    Perhaps I have found my predecessor. :)

  5. Hill just can't sell the local part and neither can our council. They are angling for "bigger and better" which is why we need a new council and the right kind of folks representing our interests...Hill isn't it. IJS.

    Great input. More, more!

  6. Destiny, you need to print more this guest's work. They are on the money with the comments. Thanks for sharing this piece and hope they write more.

    Also, like RichardsonResident, this person as someone else pointed out, hits the nail on the head.