Thursday, January 7, 2010

David Chenoweth is My Hero!

A good friend is one who'll drops what they're doing to come catch a rat which you've accidently trapped in your house.A GREAT friend is one who you know would normally kill said rodent but instead humanely catches it and throws it outside so you won't cry.

And a HILARIOUS friend does this all with the help of teenage vampires!P.S. - I just read this again and based on my last two posts you all probably think I live in the projects. I do not, and aside from the rat heaven my toddler creates by throwing food over her high chair (which I promptly pick up- especially now) we do have a very clean house. We recently moved a recycling bin (about 2 weeks ago when all of this started) which had been in a cabinet and I guess when we cleared everything out it left a crack open so they could get it. Hence my saying I had trapped this one inside. As soon as I pushed a chair in front of that cabinet door the little rodent could not get back out and just froze there until David could come get him.

Ok, so what have we learned today?
Say it with me: Destiny's house is very clean, immaculate many might say, and for lack of a better word she is a Domestic Goddess.

Yes. Very good.


  1. Wait, that looks like Eddie's hampster - you might want to check the cage - LOL.

  2. Rollie left us two months ago. R.I.P.

    OMGosh! Epiphany! THAT cabinet IS where we use to keep Rollie's food!!! Maybe that's why these stupid things are in my house now! I took away their main food source!

  3. Oh, don't fool yourself. They have been amoungst you all the time. You never know where they go when you sleep. It might have been sleeping under the covers with you after filling his little vermin belly up on baby food and boinking the hamster. Sleep well. :)

  4. The lady at the pest control place said that everybody has a few, but when you start seeing them you have 5-10 for every one you see. *Shivers*

  5. DC holding a rat by the tail is an entirely apropos metaphor for his pursuit of transparency in COR. Seriously.

    If I were him I'd consider making that the profile pic on his blog. It's just so right.

  6. OK, Secret information.... Abe is NOW returned to being Destiny's hero after last night for doing what he did. Congrats Abe!!