Friday, January 1, 2010

My New Year's Resolutions

1. In 2010 I will put more value on my words (please feel free to throw this back in my face every time I call someone a fetus eating douche bag)

2. Spend fewer days lost in on-line arguments with people who are so set in their ways they will never budge causing them to suck energy away from me that would be much better spent on my beautiful family.

3. Start a PAC. My mother started her first one by the time she was 24. I am obviously slacking.

4. Limit the amount of ridiculous teen vampire dramas I watch. And force Abrahm to watch.

5. Stop complaining about Richardson and start working to improve it. The city council is powerful but so are we.

6. Quit trying to get Abrahm to wear eyeliner. He is not even a vampire and it's time that I accept that as a fact.

7. Walk more. And perhaps make note of citable issues around my neighborhood as an attempt to better achieve resolution #5 all the while assuring my neighbors will hate me in 2010.

8. Spend less time on Facebook.

9. Eat more organic food.

10. And finally, I will not just forgive Mark Solomon 7 times for blocking me from his Twitter and denying my friend request on Fbook but I will forgive him 7x70 times in this coming year.


  1. Good list. Will you attempt to reach the 7x70 on #10? :-)

  2. I like your list. Of course I think everyone should give up teen vampire drama and stick to Bram Stoker, Anne Rice and Joss Whedon vampires. Wait, I guess that last one was a teen drama too. Still, it's better that the vampire stuff the pump out these days.

  3. Destiny, honey, I loved your new year's resolutions. Mine is to not call Amir Omar a "carpetbagger" for 2010. I am still trying to find a synonym for the word "carpetbagger", though - how about "a man with little integrity who just moves to town less than a year ago to run for city council, who is a puppet of Chuck Eisemann and Gary Slagel". A mouth full, but much better - I like that!

    Happy new year to you and your family. XXOO - Barb.