Thursday, January 7, 2010

Rat Problem in Richardson

Yeah, I know what you're thinking, but I'm talking about the literal rodent; the disease carrying, long tail having, cheese eating animal. (not that that'll deter anyone from joking about the Coalition in the comments though, I'm sure)

Anyway, I need to know how to get rid off these little pantry raiding bacteria bags. I've been force to put my moral dilemma with their demise behind me because unfortunately the inhumane traps are the only ones that seem to be working. And because on any given day I have between 2 & 117 children in my house, calling an exterminator to put out poison is not an option either (I don't think, but please tell me if I'm wrong).

So have any of you ever tried that high-frequency device which sends out a pitch only audible and subsequently loathsome to the rats? Does it work? If so, this is my first choice. Our second choice is to get a cat. I do not want a cat.

Please help!


  1. Solution 1 - Cats
    Solution 2 - Glue Traps and a lawn chair.

  2. Victor Electronic Rat Zapper (Home Depot / Lowes)

    I was amazed to find out that rats can breed at 5 weeks old and can have litters of 12-16

    No need to touch the vermin, just dump the body out, reload with some pretzels, and reset the switch. 8 + kills for three C size batteries.

    Oh, and they only scream (squeek) for a millisecond

    just don't stick your hand in there

  3. Emailing to Abrahm now. Thanks Anon!

  4. Also rats love bird feed, dog food and compost piles, so ditch those if you have them

  5. We don't have any of those. I think the problem (what I've heard from the neighbors) is our large trees and our vicinity to the creek.

  6. I've always had reliable results from the standard spring-loaded snap traps. I will add that I usually anchor them somehow to prevent subjects of incomplete procedures or subsequent carrion feeders from moving them. Rats definitely require the large sized, heavy spring trap. It also helps to identify the point of entry to the dwelling if possible and seal it. You might try adding an attic trap for general coverage. As for ultrasonic repellents, I own the Black & Decker EP1100-A and can attest that it does NOT repel squirrels nor anything else as far as I can tell. Furthermore, I must have ultrasonic hearing because I can hear it just fine on all but the lowest settings. I can also hear one emanating from the attic of the house on Highland Blvd behind the RISD Math/Science/Technology Magnet when I run.

  7. The problem with those:


  8. Don't feel special or dirty

    you can see them running the freaking power wires at dusk, just like a squirrel does during the day, their own little freeway system.

    I mistakenly left a bag of bird seed in the garage just about the time it got cold enough to bring the wife's plants into the garage. It lay hidden amongst the plants. Just what the vermin needs, a warm garage with a food supply. A week or so ago the wife heard/saw something run behind the washer, I went to check and remembered the bird seed. Yup, torn into.

    I put out the Victor and over the week, I had bagged 6 little ones.

    No hits in days now, so hopefully I got all of them, at least for now. Thankfully, I have never found any signs of them IN the house. just the warm garage, even when there was not a food source. Oh yeah, several years ago, the dogs were barking at the base of the foundation. I looked and saw a small, what looked like a small snake hole between the foundation and the dirt, obviously going into the crawlspace under my house. I set out the Victor adjacent to the hole and bagged two BIG ones. Now, I make sure any cracks between the house and dirt are filled or watered well.

    Also, make sure you place the death tube along a wall or something like that, they wont work if set off the wall. Rats and mice use the walls and such inanimate objects to navigate, making it easy for them to find the bait. Keep fresh batteries in too, if it gets to low to kill them, you can guarantee that they won't go back in. Poison (the kind you buy at Home Depot) never worked for me, they just had a Decon party, they just ate and ate it, probably the big boys I finally bagged in the back yard with the "Tube of Death". The city used to give out some real poison if you were a resident, it was the real stuff, and looked like a gigantic chocolate bar. I doubt they do it anymore because of the liability even though there are a few rats on the council and within the management.

    Vermin are picky little bastages. Have had success in the past with peanut butter, but not this year. Popcorn didn't work at all. Peanuts were a close second best, but the pretzels from the Gardetto's Snack Mix worked the best (I don't care for the pretzels, I eat the pumpernickel melba toasts first). Maybe I'll try Snyder's of Hanover's Honey Mustard & Onion Pretzel Pieces tonight, for the discerning rat palette.

    Just remember that famous quote from Caddyshack, "The only good varmint poontang is dead varmint poontang"

  9. Walked into the kitchen and saw one squirming into a closed cabinet through a VERY small sliver. Needless to say once I got down off of the chair I called three different exterminators. I think we're going with the bait box method and Abrahm's going to fill in all of the corners of that cabinet with the foamy stuff. (it's a deep corner cabinet that we just cleaned out so that the kids could play in it, and I noticed it was really cold, so it must be open to the crawl space)

    Either way, the exterminator can't make it out until Saturday or maybe even Monday, so until then does anybody have a cat they want to lend me?

  10. I was trying to think how this problem could have been caused by Gary Slagel, Chuck Eisemann, and the Richardson Coalition. Them filthy rats! Give me a minute...

  11. Peanut butter on one of those T-Rex style traps FTW. Caught about 6 in a row last year. Did not eat them, even though they look like skwirlz.

    BTW that creek nearby is probably the water source keeping them alive. A few years ago during a drought the creek dried up and the rats started invading the local residences. I'd hear them fall into the toilet at night looking for water.