Tuesday, February 16, 2010

I never use to understand how Abrahm could watch Basketball for hours on end.....

until I saw last night's council meeting. Fast forward to Section D (Part 2 of 2) minute 20, and then hold on to your hat.

I was one beer and a bucket of chicken wings away from jumping up and hollering at the screen. (min 30 is where it gets super awesome)


  1. Look at that $35 dinner roll Gary didn't eat.

  2. This guy, Gary Slagel, is a real piece of work; how pathetic! Slagel was pointing, shouting, and very animated about wanting the north portal sign again on Monday night. His ever-dutiful watercarrier, Amir Omar, did his best to get the others to spend big buck on this north protal, but none budged - even $100K is too much. While no one argued against the merits of a portal, it is considered an extravegance that the city simply can't afford today.

  3. What a flattering picture of our ethics-challenged mayor - NOT. After being told NO the prior week concerning his "portal", and, then being told NO again on Monday night (with his puppet Omar joining him), you have Slagel throwing a tantrum like a spoiled child. One has to wonder WHY do he and his pal, Omar, want this "portal" so bad? What have they promised? You'll never know.