Friday, February 19, 2010

Musings of an idle mind.....

So over on David's blog he's posted a lot of Bill's bills, but I guess we call him 'Tex' now, which I like, even though I am not sure he's tall enough to deserve such a name, but I digress, so anyway David posted Tex's bills. Or would it be our Texas taxes that pay Tex/Bill's bills?

Anyway, one of the charges was to Rose Tattoo, which I was very disappointed to find out is just a restaurant, but that didn't stop me from imagining a Tex sized tattoo on Bill. My guess is it would look something like this, but double, plus one and maybe his wife's face as well.


  1. you have more humor than anyone I know. love your post on this!

  2. Well, let me say this. Keffler's got, what 5 kids? He's going to need a bigger back.

  3. 7, I thought.

    Either way the tattoo artist would definitely have to make their heads smaller.