Tuesday, February 9, 2010

My Gift To You...

Design done. That has to cut costs a little, right? Now just make the corporations pay for the rest. The residents have done their part.


  1. they need to contact you for designing the entry features. Could save them tons of money on this one item so they can overspend it elsewhere.

  2. You could put that where the Sun Rexall sign used to be!

  3. Brillient!

    That little neon feature has to be included in anything they come up with. I am sure that will tie in nicely with the Como Motel on the South, doesn't it have some blue neon accents? And another thing is that it would greatly enhance the night time drive by exposure for cheap. They might be able to get the same exposure for $50-60K rather than $1M.

    Add some sequencing to the neon for even better visual notice, kind of like a moving arrow advertising free admission to the local strip joint. We're on the map instantly for those who don't know they are passing through Richardson.

    You rock!

  4. It certainly would compliment Zone d'Erotica's signage. Gary Slagel should be happy about that!

  5. Looks like you'll have to put your design in storage until the next bond issue. Slagel's evident outrage was probably because he and his long time mojor domo manager had plans for the "savings" after bids came in 30% under the $992,250. Ever taken a look at what "bids" are on projects compared to the City determined and highly inflated "estimated cost"? Those "savings" just seem to disappear into the same black hole as the well known and infamous "sweeps" management is so fond of.

  6. 'What happens in Richardson, stays in Richardson?"