Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Is FrontBurner laughing with us.....

or at us?
"Spotted in a strip shopping center on Campbell Road in Richardson, next door to the excellent Mumtaz Indian restaurant.

My other suggestion is, “We’re not great, but we’re okay.” But I’m sure the FrontBurner Nation can do much, much better."

Let me be the first non-tool....

to give you the Wildflower line-up in the proper order (based on all around badass-ness):

THE B-52'S...and then some other bands...

While my panties may temporarily be unwadded.....

(mainly because I'm lazy and hate having to sign in every time I want to check a comment) this could change at anytime but rest assured the subscribed readers list has been saved so if I have to revert back no one will have to re-subscribe.

Just a refresher.....


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Disagreement based on philosophy is welcome, anonymous trolling is not. I don’t mind disagreement, it’s stupidity and ignorance I abhor.

This blog is run like a neighborhood bar, every body knows your name (eventually), and I don’t know anyone named anonymous. I delete anonymous comments. So pick a handle (if you must) and stick with it.

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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Finally figured out why the Murph looked so red the other night....

He had to print this ad below......
And from what I hear, Chenoweth had no idea when he purchased the half page ad in the Senatorial District 16 Convention hand-out that they were using John Murphy as their printer.

.....kinda funny.

I call this one 'Rose Colored Glasses'

Friday, March 19, 2010

Suck On That Pete Smith!

Suck on what you say? This and this.

And now a song dedication just for you, Petey.....

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

These are the people to call.....

The Democrats will stop at nothing to pass ObamaCare.

The American people want sensible health care reform. But they know that ObamaCare is not the answer. And Texans know that the Democrats' prescription is bad medicine for Texas.

But the liberal Democrats are dead set on passing their bill anyway.

Reportedly, the Pelosi-Reid-Obama Democrats are even considering invoking the so-called Slaughter Strategy. This strategy would have the House "pass" the Senate version of ObamaCare - without ever actually voting on it.

Writing in the Wall Street Journal, retired federal judge Michael McConnell says that using the Slaughter Strategy to pass ObamaCare "cannot be squared with Article I, Section 7 of the Constitution." Passing ObamaCare via the Slaughter Strategy may be constitutionally illegitimate. Even the Washington Post calls the Slaughter Strategy "dodgy" "legislative sleight of hand," while the Cincinnati Enquirer calls the Democrats' process "arrogant" and "disgusting."

The Democrats have already played dishonest games with your health care.

They built their health care takeover bills via backroom maneuvers and shady deals. The House passed its version of ObamaCare in a midnight, weekend vote last November when they thought no one was watching. The Senate passed its own version of ObamaCare on Christmas Eve 2009, again when they thought no one was watching.

And now they're planning on "Slaughtering" the Constitution.

Call your Congressman and tell them that the Slaughter Strategy must not be used to pass ObamaCare. Call wavering Democrats, listed below, and demand that they follow the Constitution. Tell them to reject the Slaughter Strategy, and reject ObamaCare. Tell them to scrap ObamaCare and start over with sensible, market-oriented reforms that will begin to bring health care costs in line.

Call the 12 Pro-Life Members who supported the pro-life Stupak Amendment but voted for Obamacare in 2009, and tell them to stand up for life and oppose ObamaCare:

Ahn "Joseph" Cao (Republican)
Phone: (202) 225-6636
Louisiana's 2nd Congressional District
Jerry Costello
(202) 225-5661
Illinois 12th Congressional District
Kathy Dahlkemper
Phone: (202) 225-5406
Pennsylvania's 3rd Congressional District
Joe Donnelly
Phone: (202) 225-3915
Indiana's 2nd Congressional District
Steve Driehaus
Phone: (202) 225-2216
Ohio's 1st Congressional District
Brad Ellsworth
phone: (202) 225-4636
8th Congressional District of Indiana
Marcy Kaptur
Phone: (202) 225-4146
9th Congressional District of Ohio
Dale E. Kildee
Phone: 202-225-3611
5th Congressional District of Illinois
Daniel Lipinski
Phone: (202) 225-5701
3rd Congressional District of Illinois
James Oberstar
Phone: (202) 225-6211
8th Congressional District of Minnesota
Bart Stupak
Phone: (202) 225 4735
1st Congressional District of Michigan
Charlie Wilson
Phone: (202) 225-5705
6th Congressional District of Ohio

Call these moderate Democrats who were called to the White House to be pressured to vote YES, and tell them that any vote for ObamaCare will cost them their jobs:

John Adler
Phone: (202) 225-4765
3rd District of New Jersey
Jason Altmire
Phone: 202-225-2565
4th Congressional District of Pennsylvania
Melissa Bean
Phone: 202-225-3711
8th Congressional District of Illinois
Lois Capps
Phone: (202) 225-3601
23rd Congressional District of California
Joseph Crowley
Phone: 202-225-3965
7th Congressional District of New York
Ron Kind
Phone: (202) 225-5506
3rd Congressional District of Wisconsin
Allyson Schwartz
13th Cong

Help us keep the Democrats from "Slaughtering" the US Constitution.

*COLLIN COUNTY* BEFORE YOU VOTE: What you need to know about Lance Baxter

From Daniel Davis...

I recently saw a trailer for an upcoming movie about this guy who has been
in a coma for 40 years and wakes to find a much different world than
before. In the scene the female pushing his wheel chair out of the
hospital makes a reference to Facebook. A confused look settled on the
man’s face and the newly awakened character asks, “What is Facebook?” With
a tone of passive aggressiveness, she responds, “a place for people to
find old High School romances they never slept with but wanted too.”
Sounds like a quality film. It’s sad, but we laugh at the woman’s joke
because there is a layer of truth to it. A major News Paper recently ran
an article stating that Facebook has become a leading factor in our
societies plague of adultery and infidelity. The character’s joke may be
funny, but what it says about the state of America is heartbreaking.

My story involves Facebook. I guess that’s why the scene stuck out to me
so. Bluntly, after a 28-year marriage, my mother left our family to pursue
an adulterous affair with a Man she reconnected with and Facebook was
involved. They dated in High School, but it was that invite to the High
School Reunion planning committee that finally got them in bed together.
It’s typical - wall posts turn into private messages. And then private
messages turn into late night one on one planning meetings. Discussion
turns from streamers and cake to the condition of their current marriages.
Then, within a matter of two months, they were proclaiming their love for
one another. I once asked my mom if she remembers the moment she should
have called my Dad and she chose to ignore what was right. She does; I
take some solace in that.

1. voluntary sexual activity (as sexual intercourse) between a married man
and someone other than his wife or between a married woman and someone
other than her husband

I get there’s nothing new about adultery, and many of you reading this
have lived a similar scenario in a variety of roles. To you, I now have
shared a glimpse of your pain. I could have never imagined its depth. To
those who’s clan is still in tact - Hold tightly. Celebrate together, and
be thankful for the gift of the family unit.

June 9, 2009 my mom moved out. We had been lied to for almost 5 months.
The “soul mate” my mom now claims she had found ironically needed to be
shrouded in a blanket of secrecy for months from those she had promised to
share her life with. A couple months later, her lover moved in with her.
His 3 kids and wife were crushed. I know this because I contacted one of
his daughters via Facebook. How do you start that conversation off? “So,
our parents are sleeping together.” His daughter lamented that her father
had tried to keep it a secret from them, but they knew. It was a good
talk. We had a common pain and a common frustration for the other’s
parent. My mom, and her dad were abandoning the most important commitment
they had ever made. Not only before men, but as self-professed Christians,
before their creator. – “Till death do us part.”

Currently, it has been almost a year since these two star crossed lovers
met. They still live together and are in the process of divorcing their
spouses to stay together.

1. a public officer authorized to hear and decide cases in a court of law;
a magistrate charged with the administration of justice.
3. a person qualified to pass a critical judgment

Ok, so you know the story, but here is why you need to know. This guy is
running for a position in our judicial system where you the citizen may be
subject to his ruling. My mom’s lover is on the cusp of a judgeship in
Collin County. He’s running for a position where he determines what is
right and wrong. He’s running to have the word “honorable” placed in front
of his name. He’s running for a position whose very essence requires
integrity and honesty at its core. And sadly, he’s winning.

At the Collin Country primaries, Lance Baxter was on the ballot for the
Republican Party nomination as a candidate for Collin County Judge of the
County Court at Law 3. The results came in and he had 36.83% lead with the
other two candidates trailing close behind. He is now in a runoff against
another candidate and the election will be held this April.

I’m not sure what your stance on adultery is, but I deeply hope we as a
society have a shred of dignity and can agree Lance Baxter’s illicit
behavior is not befitting of a Judge. Just because a former president had
an adulterous affair with an intern does not mean the standards for those
interpreting the constitution should be lowered. Living in a democratic
society encourages informed decisions when choosing those who will govern
you. This means damaging information about a person’s character has room
to come to light. It is unfortunate for Mr. Baxter this is the case, but
by elevating himself to a public position, it is necessary voters know his

In closing, I’m asking for two things.

1. Mr. Baxter, please respectfully pull yourself from this race and focus
on those things most important to your life.

2. To the reader of my words, I challenge you to make an informed decision
when electing your leaders. Consider Mr. Baxter's actions.

I want a Judge whose life shows he can place his feelings second to his
commitments. I want a Judge whose life shows he will choose what is right
even when it’s not easy. Simply put, I want a Judge who will respect his
neighbor’s wife.

P.S. My Mother's name is Jeannie Davis. Here is a picture of them.

Stay informed. Be involved. Make a difference!

Radio talk show host Michael Medved has a SIMPLE link on his website where you can go and they will send an e-mail to your U.S. Congressional representative, as well as to the 58 members of the Blue Dog Democrat Coalition who hold the fate of Obama-care in their hands (also known as the Health Care Destruction bill). It’s awesome! You don’t need to make phone calls or figure out individual e-mail addresses – just go to the website and send the short letter as is or edit it, and they will send it on to everyone! Let’s blast Congress! It’s now or never! The proposed legislation has NOTHING to do with health care, but EVERYTHING to do with control, in a very scary and harmful way.

This is an EASY way to make your voice known. Send this to everyone on your email list!

Go to and in the upper right corner, click on ‘Say No To Obamacare!’.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The Self Proclaimed Laugh Whore....

From TBW's facebook:

"Three rules to abide by when interviewing a Honda Product Specialist on TV:

a) Do NOT say "Hyundai" instead of "Honda"
b) Don't mistake Mazda's tagline, "Zoom-Zoom", for being Honda's tag line
c) Once insulted, don't underestimate said Honda Product Specialist's willingness to take-up on behalf of your photographer, when you insult him as he's shooting live video of you"

Friday, March 12, 2010

How do I get on these lists???

I received a call a few hours ago letting me know that under the Obama administration I am eligible for health insurance (because I am licensed to watch children from my home), and then just now I got a call from Ronald Reagan's son (automated) asking me if I am Pro-life, a male, and over the age of 50. Hmmmmmmmmmmm.....

Richardson Citizens Fire Academy

I keep waiting for the catch. WHAT IS THE CATCH?!?!?! Why would the city offer such a totally awesome class for free to the citizens? And feed us Barbeque none the less?!?!?! (yes, that word IS suppose to be capitalized, if you're eating it in Texas) Smells like a conspiracy to me......if I accidently die on the ladder, with all of you as my witnesses, know it's because Bill Keffler had me killed in a manner that would look like an accident.

*how not funny would it be if that really happened and these words came back to bite me. :)

**how not NOT funny would it be if I died and then you had to read that little side note....and this one for that matter.

***ok, seriously, all kidding aside, if you are reading this and I am dead, it's ok, laugh. It's what I would've wanted. Also, you must make sure they name the RCFA training facility after me now, no matter how much the Keff protests.

Why yes, the power HAS totally gone to my head....

Don't like it? That's it, I'm writing a rant about you too.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

To Hell In A Flip'n Hand Basket!

You have got to be kidding me.

Seriously. Seriously? I'm really alone on this one?

Maybe I should go live with the Amish, because I am mortified, MORTIFIED, that these are the hands people are fighting to put the coveted reputation of the RISD in.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Screw City Council, Tom Bache-Wiig's Famous Now!!!

Oncor "Smart" Meters

Has anyone else had their new Oncor meter installed yet? I got an e-mail from an Eastside friend yesterday (who just happens to be a Godless liberal) saying his bill has gone through the roof since his was installed...

"It's weird because it's not just that the dollar amount of the bill went up. There was no increase in our fee. It's that the recorded kilowatt hour usage shot up like a {expletive removed} roman candle right around when they would've installed these "smart" meters...

SEPT 29 - OCT 28, 2009: 1123 kWh
OCT 28 - NOV 30, 2009: 1648 kWh
(suspected time when new meters were installed)
NOV 30 - DEC 31, 2009: 4160 kWh
DEC 31 2009 - FEB 01, 2010: 3775 kWh
FEB 01 - MARCH 02, 2010: 3519 kWh

I can see it going up a bit due to Christmas lights (don't get excited, technically they were pagan lights. Kidding.), but then it doesn't come down considerably after that. We took all our Christmas stuff down before New Years."

Maybe Christian God's just punishing him, but I'm not so sure. Looks like it's happening to a lot of other people as well.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

I knew Richardson had a few cougars....

but turns out The Reservation has a bobcat too!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Amir Omar Rescues Haitian Boy From Richardson Pothole

and makes him famous by placing him in the background of this picture.
I only tell you this because Amir's my looooooooover. And by looooooooover I mean friend, obviously, duh. And I only use the word looooooooover so I can post this accompanying video which makes me laugh to the point of peeing. every. time.....

Comment Policy

If you don’t have anything to say then it’s probably better to move on, not comment. No nastiness or childishness. Argue like an adult. Use proper grammar and spelling, if at all possible.

Disagreement based on philosophy is welcome, anonymous trolling is not. I don’t mind disagreement, it’s stupidity and ignorance I abhor.

This blog is run like a neighborhood bar, every body knows your name (eventually), and I don’t know anyone named anonymous. I delete anonymous comments. So pick a handle (if you must) and stick with it.

Please have a sense of humor, not everything here is meant literally, duh, but somethings are. You should be able to figure out the difference.

Above all, take pride in your comments. If you can't, don't post 'em.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Why Does My Grandmother Think The Census Is Evil?

Can someone please explain this to me?
I mean, I already have a social security number so I'm not exactly 'flying below their radar' anymore. What's the big deal? Why are people anti-Census?

Monday, March 1, 2010

Who would've thought Slagel would ever put me at ease?

Tonight I had the chance to speak (formally) before the council for the very first time. Let is be noted what I said was positive. Let it also be noted the guy I followed totally stole all the laughs.

To normal, unfunny people this is completely insignificant. To those of you who are even mildly funny (where I categorize myself) this totally blows. A few visitors had already spoken and while they were very sincere, none of them were funny; the audience was primed. And then, this guy went up and spoke. He was funny I won't lie, but part of the audiences amusement came from the fact that these people were ready to laugh. They needed the release. He stole it. I hate him. My tree will not live in harmony next to his tree.

Aside from that the work session was good, nay, great, but I will not go into all of that because Amir's head would look even weirder if it were to become any bigger.

Enjoy it Amir, these days are good, Tree the Town will come to fruition, your girl is a beaut and you've got a daughter who'll be staying up late this evening working on homework because she didn't want to miss Dad's big night. Good, indeed.