Friday, March 12, 2010

Richardson Citizens Fire Academy

I keep waiting for the catch. WHAT IS THE CATCH?!?!?! Why would the city offer such a totally awesome class for free to the citizens? And feed us Barbeque none the less?!?!?! (yes, that word IS suppose to be capitalized, if you're eating it in Texas) Smells like a conspiracy to me......if I accidently die on the ladder, with all of you as my witnesses, know it's because Bill Keffler had me killed in a manner that would look like an accident.

*how not funny would it be if that really happened and these words came back to bite me. :)

**how not NOT funny would it be if I died and then you had to read that little side note....and this one for that matter.

***ok, seriously, all kidding aside, if you are reading this and I am dead, it's ok, laugh. It's what I would've wanted. Also, you must make sure they name the RCFA training facility after me now, no matter how much the Keff protests.


  1. I can only hold out a shred of hope that you will start a Spanx Putting On-y Academy for those of us with big butts and ample thighs. IJS.

    I'll bring margaritas and queso. Who's in?

  2. YES!!! RCSA sounds like a fabulous idea! And not only could I teach my fellow citizens how to put the Spanx on but the course could basically mirror the RCFA! 'How to repel down a building in Spanx,' 'how to use the jaws of life while wearing Spanx,' 'how to put out a fire without lighting up your synthetic-fibered-behind....'

    I see great possibilities in this SWWNBN.