Monday, March 1, 2010

Who would've thought Slagel would ever put me at ease?

Tonight I had the chance to speak (formally) before the council for the very first time. Let is be noted what I said was positive. Let it also be noted the guy I followed totally stole all the laughs.

To normal, unfunny people this is completely insignificant. To those of you who are even mildly funny (where I categorize myself) this totally blows. A few visitors had already spoken and while they were very sincere, none of them were funny; the audience was primed. And then, this guy went up and spoke. He was funny I won't lie, but part of the audiences amusement came from the fact that these people were ready to laugh. They needed the release. He stole it. I hate him. My tree will not live in harmony next to his tree.

Aside from that the work session was good, nay, great, but I will not go into all of that because Amir's head would look even weirder if it were to become any bigger.

Enjoy it Amir, these days are good, Tree the Town will come to fruition, your girl is a beaut and you've got a daughter who'll be staying up late this evening working on homework because she didn't want to miss Dad's big night. Good, indeed.

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