Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Why Does My Grandmother Think The Census Is Evil?

Can someone please explain this to me?
I mean, I already have a social security number so I'm not exactly 'flying below their radar' anymore. What's the big deal? Why are people anti-Census?


  1. Well, in WW2, the census was used to round up Japanese Americans, and I think we got some Koreans and Chinese in there, too.

    I also do not participate. I tell them the # of people in my house, and that's it. They can suck it.

    Of course, they always pathetically knock and start asking my neighbors, but whatever.

  2. My family was from WV, and I think we were genetically conditioned to be afeared of the "revenuers". So there's that.

    There really is some evidence the census folks were at least tangentially complicit in pointing out Japanese folks for internment; it's not just something cooked up by the certifiably hawt-slash-insane Ms. Bachmann.